What to Do if Heat Becomes a Problem in your Indoor Grow Room

heat problems in growing marijuana indoor

No one wants to harvest crops with burnt and curling cannabis leaves, right? But what if the hot temperature became more persistent in your indoor grow room? Is this the end of your cannabis growing? Calm down, brothers and sisters! This is not the end of your passion for cannabis plants because indoor heat problems can now be fixed easily! … Read more

How much does it Cost to Start Growing Weeds Outdoors and Indoors

growing weeds

Costs to Start Growing Weeds Outdoors and Indoors Growing weeds has two ways; you can either grow indoor or outdoor. There are also growers who do a mixture of growing. Whatever the method you will use, it is important that we will be ware about its start-up cost so that we can calculate well our expense and possible income. For … Read more

Where to Plant Marijuana Seeds

plant marijuana seeds

This is the burning question for marijuana growers especially for beginners. Where is the best place and area to plant your marijuana seeds? There are two general answers to this question: you could either plant your marijuana seeds indoors or outdoors? What are the differences? What are the various options? Let’s find out the answers below. Planting marijuana indoors Indoor … Read more