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Cannabis Articles

cannabis Clones

Cloning Cannabis Plants

Normally, you’ll replicate cannabis plants through cross-pollination or breeding of male and female plants to produce seeds. These seeds are…

wax hash cannabis

How to Make Your Own Wax Hash

Many may know what wax hash is, however, only few are knowledgeable enough on how to do it. Making your own wax…

benefits cbd cannabis

Benefits of CBD in Cannabis

CBD stands for cannabidiol or a form of a compound found in cannabis plants which have medical benefits. CBD is…

cbd cannabis seeds

What are CBD Cannabis Seeds

CBD cannabis seeds are strains that have high CBD or cannabidiol, the second most popular cannabinoid in marijuana. There are…

grow marijuana cannabis

Best Places to Grow Marijuana

There are several places you can choose to grow marijuana. These places are a suitable growing area which can give…