Cannabis Ventilation for Odor Control

Cannabis Ventilation

Every cannabis grower most especially the ones who are growing indoors, knows the fact that a good ventilation is essential to the successful growth of cannabis plants. And the same with the grow lights, water supply, and nutrients, the ventilation of your grow room should be set up according to its right requirements to avoid issues that may cause your … Read more

Difference Between Winterizing and Dewaxing

With an increasing demand for CBD oils, any local grower and breeder would jump on the opportunity to create pure and clean cannabis concentrates. It is expected that soon the demand for CBD will skyrocket considering there are already more than 10 states passing CBD oil bills. So are you ready to create cannabis concentrates using your home grow? Cleaner … Read more

Which Cannabis Stocks are best to Invest In?

marijuna cannabis stocks invest

Since cannabis is one of the healthiest plants which is not only useful in recreational purpose but also for medical use, the number of growers rapidly increased. If you are one of the many people who used to live in the rapidly growing cannabis industry then you start to plan on investing cannabis stocks. Before, cannabis growing is just only … Read more

Cannabis and Phosphorous

Cannabis and Phosphorous

Cannabis needs many elements and nutrients to grow properly and vigorously. The major elements for your Cannabis are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium or N-P-K. They are food for your Cannabis plants in which if they will not be given in right amount and application, your weeds will starve and grow unhealthy. The most important nutrient for Cannabis growing is nitrogen; … Read more

Predatory Lacewings to Kill Aphids on Weed Plants

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Lacewings, ladybugs, and parasitic wasps are some of the examples of predatory insects that can be used to kill mites and other types of pests in your weed plants. So if you are asking if the lacewings can kill aphids in your weed plants, the answer is a big YES. And if you are wondering how possible it is to … Read more