Buying Feminized Seeds VS Making Your Own – Know the Seeds Quality Differences

We cannot deny that the Marijuana Industry is growing bigger and bigger every year. More and more people have switched to Cannabis, in search of a more effective and efficient way to treat their illnesses. Good thing, these herbs’ ability to heal our health problems are all backed by legitimate medical researches. As the discoveries unfold, the surge of Marijuana … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Growers are now switching to cultivating autoflowering cannabis seeds and they are often get asked, “What are autoflowering seeds?” The answer will be quite tricky but we shall have a brief and straight to the point discussion about the matter. WHAT DOES AUTOFLOWERING MEAN? Plants go through different stages and they generally go through four stages in their; seeds, seedling, … Read more

Cannabis and Religion: Everything you should know

Religion has various positions on the consumption of quality cannabis seeds for sale, presently and historically. In ancient times, some religions consumed cannabis as an entheogen. The use of cannabis has indeed been very popular worldwide. However, there are a lot of arguments raised by religion when it comes to cannabis consumption. Religion on Quality Cannabis Seeds for Sale Here … Read more