What to do With the Marijuana leaves that I Trim off my Plants?

Trimming off some leaves with your cannabis plants is somehow beneficial to clean out your cannabis plants and successively, improve the growth in order to keep it well-nourished and healthy. However, these trimmings are often unusable and unutilized for human consumption. That is why most of it is just thrown around as compost or to bio-degradable trash bins in order … Read more

Using Plastic Mulch for Higher Cannabis Yields and Tastier Buds

Plastic mulching is one of the smartest and beneficial ways that every cannabis grower should consider. This is a good technique that can result in multiple advantages most especially if you are growing your cannabis plants outdoors. That being said, if you want to learn more about the use of plastic mulches and how it can positively change the growth … Read more

Temperature for Day and Night of Your Cannabis Grow Room

Maintaining optimal temperature inside your grow room is very important to grow healthy plants with the best yields. Because you are growing indoors, your cannabis plants depend on you to provide the ideal environment for their growth. Overlooking temperature control inside a grow room can also lead to issues and therefore it should not be forgotten at all cost. Before … Read more