Best Indoor Cannabis Seeds

best indoor cannabis seeds

Not all cannabis seeds can grow successfully indoors, so you have to make sure you’re choosing strains suitable for indoor cultivation. Here are some of the cannabis strains you can grow indoors:

White Widow

It is a famous Dutch strain that responds well to SOG or “screen of green” method. White Widow can grow indoors and outdoors. If you grow it indoors, expect 18 ounces of buds or more per square meter during the harvest period. 


It is a bushy, compact plant that grows up to 3 to 4 feet tall, making it ideal for indoor cultivation. This plant will give you those delicious buds in just 8 weeks. You can also grow it outdoors. Whatever the case, you can always expect the best from CBDream. 


Trainwreck is a popular indica strain that is ideal for indoor cultivation. It is a highly recommended strain to grow for novice growers for beginners like you. This plant is very manageable because they don’t grow too tall. The buds will be ready for harvesting in just 7 weeks. 

Lighting Considerations

Many indoor growers use HPS or high-pressure sodium lights as a source of light for the cannabis plants they grow. HPS lights are a better choice for these people because they are affordable and very effective. 

LED or light emitting diode lights are also effective like the HPS lights. The only problem is they are more expensive for everybody’s budget. 

When you buy a grow tent, you will often obtain a manufacturer’s suggestion regarding the lamp size and the size of an extraction fan. The most typical HPS lights are available in different wattages: 250 watts, 400 watts, and 600 watts. The higher the watts, the more heat, and light these lamps will produce. 


There are many ways to cultivate cannabis. However, getting started with a premixed soil, a purpose-built indoor tent, and HPS lights is still the best route. Advanced growers will recommend the hydroponic systems like the nutrient film method and deep water culture as they provide better results compared to soil. 

In your case, learning the basics is very important. Don’t rush. As a beginner, you have to master first the basics in growing cannabis indoors before you can delve into more complex growing systems.

Growing Cannabis Plants Indoor: Guide for Beginners

growing cannabis indoors

Growing cannabis indoors is no longer difficult today. The market is now full of strains bred to grow successfully indoors. People are calling them the best indoor cannabis seeds.

These strains thrive well indoors and respond well to different growing methods. If you’ve never cultivated weed indoors before, then it’s time for you to get started. Please read on and know these simple recommendations that can help you make your first attempt a success. 


Where Should You Grow Cannabis Indoors?

One of the simplest ways to start here is to grow your plants in a purpose-built indoor grow tent that is widely available today online from various sellers. It is a sturdy tent that you can easily assemble and use after a few minutes. It is also lightproof. It comes with the needed holes for air extraction and cables.  An indoor grow tent costs around $100 to $500 for the basic model.


Should You Grow Your Plants Hydroponically or in Soil?

Weed can grow successfully in many ways. Maybe, the easiest method to grow cannabis indoors is to do it in soil. However, cannabis can also grow well when you use clay pebbles, coco fiber, rockwool, and other hydroponic systems without soil. 

Whatever growing medium you choose, the key to success in growing cannabis indoors is to help the roots get the oxygen and nutrients they need. 


Soil for Simplicity

Growing cannabis in a hydroponic system can offer excellent results. However, the extra technical aspects involved such as the pH level and electrical conductivity can be a little confusing for first-time cannabis growers. Since you are new to cannabis cultivation, it is best for you to get started by using soil instead of any hydroponic system. 


The Quality of the Soil

The easiest way to begin growing cannabis indoors is to buy a ready-to-use soil for cannabis cultivation. This product comes from various companies, so feel free to choose a brand but make sure you go for a reputable one. 

That is not the cheapest way to get started but is the simplest because everything has been done for your convenience. Also, you are more certain of the result. 

In growing cannabis indoors by using soil, you can also use something like soil additives that can help maximize the yields. If you prefer compost, add 30% perlite that promotes root aeration. If possible, add worm castings or light soil enhancers like bat guano. Also, make sure you plant the best indoor cannabis seeds by using big pot containers. You can use at least 4 to 5 gallons.

You have nothing to worry regarding nutrient deficiencies and bad pH levels. Your number one concern here is to water your plants lightly twice every week. Perhaps you can add some liquid feed at the end of the flowering stage if the nutrients in the soil are getting worn-out. 

Be sure not to overwater and overfeed your cannabis plants as they can cause stunted growth and decreased yield. In worse cases, these common issues lead cannabis plants to death. 



Make sure also that your grow room maintains the right temperature. The ideal temperature for growing cannabis indoors is around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature goes more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit or less than 68 degrees Fahrenheit, your plants will start to grow slowly. It can even lead to other issues.



If you grow cannabis in a tent, you must release the air from it. You can use a special type of fan that can absorb the air through the tubes that are typically 4” in diameter. The air must pass through the carbon filter which will remove the traces of natural weed odor. 

The extracted air is typically vented outdoors or in a well-ventilated attic. Experienced cannabis growers are using ozone generators in removing even the slightest, lingering smell of cannabis. 

If you’re growing cannabis indoors, you should use carbon filters. Marijuana plants require a consistent supply of clean and fresh air to keep the plants healthy and thrive successfully. 


Choosing a Strain

You’ll get two choices here. You can either grow auto seeds or just settle for the regular photoperiod seeds. The autoflowering seeds will take 7 weeks to sprout and grow into mature, high-yield plants. These seeds grow under a 20/4 light cycle, which means 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. 

Traditional strains often grow under 18 hours of life and 6 hours of darkness. This setup is ideal for the vegetative phase in which your plants grow roots, leaves, and branches without buds. 

Usually, most cannabis growers change the light cycle into 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness after 4 to 5 weeks. It causes the marijuana plant to go and reach the flowering phase and produce those THC-rich buds. 

Generally, the flowering time for cannabis plants takes 8 to 12 weeks, except for the auto seeds that often take 6 to 7 weeks to flower. It may also depend on the strain. 

When the buds are ready to harvest, growers cut the mature plant, and trim and dry buds in a few days. They often cure the buds in a glass jar for one to two months that will make them more flavorful. 

Marijuana plants can be male and female but only the female plants can produce buds. When buying cannabis seeds for indoor growing, look for feminized seeds to be sure that all your seeds will grow into female plants. 

Novice growers like you should be more careful when buying cannabis seeds. Make sure they originate from a reliable seed company.

According to, there are many good seed companies out there. The best thing to do is look for those established companies that have good customer reviews to be sure of the seeds’ quality. 

After Germinating Cannabis Seeds

germinating cannabis seeds

When your cannabis seeds have germinated, the next thing you will do is to take care your seedlings. Your marijuana plants are now starting their life cycle and they need a care from you because they are at a vulnerable stage.

First step after germination:

Provide your seedlings enough amount of sunlight after germination. Light plays an important role in growing cannabis and since its life is starting to grow, give them enough but not too much sunlight to let them progress.

Second step after germination:

Plan the process of transplanting
Soil or hydro? These are the questions you need to answer. You may transplant your seedling in soil if you will choose the soil as your growing medium. On the other hand, if you wanted to grow weeds hydroponically, start to prepare the setup for your hydroponics growing.

Third step after germination:

Choose the right growing container
Choosing a suitable container for your seedling is vital because it’s not good if you will transplant your cannabis plants many times. This will cause shock to your plants which may lead to a variety of issues like hermaphroditing or death of the plant . There are different containers available in garden stores and each has its own features that will give benefit to your plants.

Fourth step: Avoid application of fertilizer

Your seedlings will not need fertilizer yet, in fact, putting fertilizer to the soil will cause them to become sick. When you transplant your cannabis plants, choose a good soil which is naturally rich in nutrients and minerals.

Why Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

growing autoflowering cannabis seeds

One of the most popular cannabis varieties that growers can’t get enough of is an autoflowering seeds. What makes this kind of cannabis seeds better is what we are going to discuss in this special article.

What are autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds or auto/autos are seeds that are genetically manipulated to be able to provide cannabis in the fastest time possible. Regular cannabis seeds need 3 month to grow and then another 3 months more to wait till you can harvest. This is a total of 6 months wait from bud to weed.  Autos are designed to grow in just three weeks and are ready for harvest in just 8 weeks. Technically, you can grow up to three times in a year depending on your location and of course more grow, more harvest and more profits for growers and suppliers. Autos are made to provide quality weed without the wait.

Special characteristics of auto seeds

Auto seeds are GMO. These are unique with characteristics that are not found in regular marijuana seeds.

  1. Auto seeds have the shortest life cycles and can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. It can be the seed of choice by growers with a lot of room outdoors or by growers that only cultivate their crops inside their homes, in grow closets or tents.
  2. Autoflowering seeds are “designed” to make short and small plants and are therefore ideal for stealth marijuana operations.
  3. The term “auto” or “automatic” describes the seed’s unique characteristics. It works on auto pilot to provide the shortest cycles with the best yields. It does not rely on shortened artificial or natural daylight to stimulate its flowering cycle. It is genetically designed to grow in just 8 to 10 weeks.
    Autoflowering cannabis seeds can grow even in inhospitable environments and unpredictable growing seasons in Northern Russia as well as Northern Canada.
  4. In countries where summers are too short for outdoor growing, autoflowering seeds allow growers to cultivate weed that can be harvested fast without worrying about extreme temperature changes.
  5. You cannot grow autoflowering plants from clones, only seeds. It’s therefore best to create your own autoflowering cannabis seeds so you don’t have to buy expensive seeds from online or local sellers.
  6. Autoflowering plants have these great characteristics but all in all, these are just like regular cannabis plants. Autos also need a lot of sunlight or artificial light to grow healthy and to yield large crops. These plants have huge energy requirements so these should have a constant supply of water and organic plant food.
  7. Autoflowering plants will automatically grow and be ready for harvest in the least possible time and therefore are very vulnerable to stress. From transplanting your plant from a small cup to a large pot to bending your plant to train it can stress your autos and affect its yield. All-in-all, this plant needs TLC from its vegetative stage to harvest stage.

Why more grow autoflowering cannabis seeds?

There are a lot of reasons why most growers grow only autoflowering seeds in their grow space. Here are the most popular ones:

  • You can grow several times a year

With regular weed you can only grow only once a year. Because cannabis does not like cold weather you won’t be able to grow at all during the cold season outdoors when you use regular seeds. With autos, you can grow up to three times a year because of its 8 to 10 –week growing cycle. You will also be able to grow indoors which can also massively increase your chances of getting better yield and grow volume.

  • You can get good profit

No need to explain that you can double and even triple your profit when you use autoflowering seeds. Imagine being able to grow weed three times a year depending on where you are located and compare this to growing regular weed only once a year. So if you are looking to make more money on your cannabis operations then you must grow only autoflowering cannabis seeds.

  • You can grow even in a small space or grow closet

Because you can grow autos in just about anywhere and still get the best yield it is recommended for growers who just don’t have enough space. Do you know that there are people who can grow weed from their window sills? Some can even use an old refrigerator or a wine cabinet as a small grow closet complete with ventilation, artificial lights and filters. Therefore you can be in the city or in the country and still be able to grow weed for personal use or profit from selling it.

  • You can never make a mistake

One thing about autos is that you can never make a mistake when growing it. Its unique characteristics are ingrained it its genes. You won’t have to undergo training, although it helps, just to grow autos for personal use. There are also a lot of reference materials, self-help books, online videos from growers and e books that can help you out.

  • Even novice growers can handle it

This is the kind of cannabis for new, first-time growers because you can’t make a mistake when growing auto cannabis. You can buy seeds from almost everywhere online and from local sellers too so it won’t have to be a huge ordeal to acquire seeds.

  • You can grow weed stealthily

And possibly the best thing about auto seeds is that you can grow stealthily. Because it grows without worries, as long as it gets a lot of light all day and has all the things that it needs to grow, it can thrive even in covert environments. This is the seed of choice for growing in small tents, small grow rooms, basements and in makeshift growing operations where the plant’s environment can be easily controlled.

Aquaponic Cannabis Growing and 3 common Issues

marijuana aquaponics

One common marijuana grow technique is called aquaponics. Studying the basics of the aquaponic system will surely result in increased yield. It is a must to know how the system works to have a successful marijuana grow using the aquaponics process.  This is especially true when producing the right level of nutrients that are required to grow a healthy marijuana plant.

Understanding Aquaponics

Aquaponics is always used in conjunction with aquaculture in a hydroponic system. With that being said, fish are cultured in a tank and all the nutrients that are created are transformed into nutrients for plants with the help of bacteria. The roots of the plants then help clean the water before it flows back to the tank for the fish thus completing the cycle. This is an overview of the aquaponic system.

Aquaponics creates its own ecosystem. The fish make nutrients for the marijuana plant and in return, the plant cleans the water for the fish. It is important that the fish you choose are tough and can tolerate crowded spaces. Fish like tilapia can easily adapt to aquaponics and at the same time can be eaten. Another type are koi and goldfish which are also ideal for aquaponics. They are good ornamental fish and nice for decoration. They can survive in sub-optimal environments.

If you are the type of person who loves cultivating fish and plants, then aquaponics is the best system for you and combining them decreases the expenses of each system. If you wanted to grow marijuana through hydroponics, aquaponics should be considered since both systems can support each other. In major commercial operations, aquaponics is utilized to create a profitable combination. It is possible to grow your marijuana plants using aquaponics and get decent yields.

Benefits of Aquaponics

Aquaponics is viable in a small scale set up. It requires little technology and is more effective in producing food even if faced with infertile soil and minimum resources. In addition to that, aquaponics significantly lowers the volume of water required to raise fish, and at the same time also creates plants that are nutrient-rich.

Mostly, aquaponics can be very beneficial. It does have its own few disadvantages because there is no perfect growing system. Patience is a key factor in your success in aquaponics. They say that the secret to having a successful and functional aquaponic system is a lot of patience. A balance should be made between the fish, plants, and bacteria , and this is only achieved over time. Of course, it does not happen overnight. There is no way to speed up the process of the biofilters function while bacteria starts to settle in. This is the same as growing your plants, you can only assist in their growth to be a little faster, but still will not fully mature to harvest. In other words, you still need to wait until they are ready for harvest.  In aquaponics, you can aid the bacteria to grow and mature but time is needed for them to grow in numbers, enough to make a strong community.

This means, that if you are just starting with your aquaponics system, you have a lot more time raising the bacteria in the tank. While doing that, you also need to do many adjustments to keep the nutrient levels in balance. You will need to add them if needed, replace water, maintain the pH levels as well as put more fish in or remove some. When balance is attained and the tank is mature enough, the less work for you because as time passes by, the system will function on its own, through their own ecosystem

3  Major Difficulties Growing Marijuana with Aquaponics

  1. Marijuana plants need a lot of nutrients.

Marijuana growing using aquaponics is the same as hydroponics, the exception is that the fish and bacteria are making the food. The nutrients from the fish cannot be used directly by the plants, so the fish waste needs to be changed into another form with the help of the bacteria that can be used in the biofilter. It takes almost six months for a strong community of bacteria to build up in the biofilter. This also means that extra nutrients are needed coming from natural resources to supplement the growth of the marijuana plants at least for the first couple of months.

In the flowering or budding stage, marijuana plants need more nutrients than any other stages. It is hungry for more nutrients than ever before because it needs to make flowers or generate the buds. It has been proven that it is hard for marijuana and other fruit-bearing plants to survive in an aquaponic system.


  1. Marijuana plants may need separate vegetative and flowering chambers.

The vegetative stage and the flowering stage of marijuana need different nutrient levels for best and healthier growth. To maximize the aquaponic system, it is recommended to have different tanks for the vegetative and flowering stages.

It is also possible to just put extra nutrients in the tank for the flowering stage. But this can be dangerous to the fish if there are excessive nutrients in the tanks, unless the plants suck up all the extra nutrients before the water flows back in the rear tank. Additionally, testing the water is required to manage the nutrients that are present in the tanks.


  1. What to do if you have extra fish.

Aquaponic systems are very good for the production of fish and plants both at the same time. So this system is very helpful, you will have an unlimited supply of fish and can be another source of income by selling them. These fish are guaranteed to be healthy and clean.



Aquaponic systems are a good way to be a more ecological and organic marijuana grower. There are growers who do not want to harvest the fish for consumption or additional money, so growers need to have another plan if that is the case. Fish mature and die eventually and will be replaced by younger ones to keep the balance in the aquaponic ecosystem. So what will you do with the extra fish you have?

3 Reasons Celebrating 420 is a must!

420 celebration

If you love marijuana, then there is simply no reason why you would not love to celebrate 420!

In fact, this is one of the most beautiful (and absolutely one-of-a-kind) cannabis holidays, and it would be a pity to deprive yourself of all the fun!

The story behind 420 has many variations, however, the most reliable version involves five students who used to gather every day at approximately 4:20 to share the herb.

They took a mutual sesh right next to the statue of the notorious chemist Louis Pasteur at San Rafael High School all the way back in 1971.

20 years later, in 1991, the legendary former reporter of the High Times Magazine, Steve Bloom, joined the initiative by printing flyers, posted on the magazine, to call people to take part in the 420 celebrations by lighting up a joint on April 20 at 4:20 pm.

And if this story is not intriguing enough to spark your curiosity, then keep reading to find out the top 3 reasons why you should not miss celebrating 420!

#1 – Make New Friends!

The marijuana culture is unique for many reasons but probably one of the greatest things when it comes to cannabis use, is the fact that the green medication brings people together.

You know that there is no other feeling on Earth like getting high with your crew, as this creates an ultimate, deeply spiritual bond between the participants.

Nevertheless, long, unwinding chats, hikes in nature, or simply listening to your favorite music or watching movies with your stoner friends is a feeling which cannot be simply put into words. Instead, it must be experienced as to be understood.

So imagine yourself surrounded not by a few, but by thousands of cannabis connoisseurs, all sharing and spreading the positive vibes together while enjoying a hit! This is a priceless experience, and it delivers such a precious sense of community.

Meanwhile, you will meet so many new people who have similar interests like you, or maybe they will have a completely different outlook on life.

What’s important is that you can widen your horizons and exchange so much valuable information on the best, trendiest practices, news, and events in the marijuana industry.

#2 – Treat Yourself Right

Have you been too busy recently to pay yourself some much-needed attention and dedicate some precious time all to yourself?

Why don’t you plan your next super-recharge vacation, by joining the 420? With multiple pot-friendly destinations to choose from, you will be on your way to the adventure of a lifetime!

With the legalization of marijuana across various parts of the world, you can really hit some great spots for the ultimate relaxation!

Or maybe you are in the mood for some party vibes? Then join one of the numerous dance nights with thousands of other cannabisseurs for a night to remember!

There are so many events held annually in honor of the 420 celebrations, that there is definitely a little bit of everything for everyone.

You can also enjoy some of your favorite music stars or simply choose to get your gang ready for a wild night in Vegas – the choices are limitless, and as long as you do your planning, you will be one step closer to refueling your good mood for the whole year to come!

#3 – Bargain All the Good Deals!

Every single dispensary offers amazing deals during the 420 celebrations, and in fact, the promotions often start in the very beginning of April until the peak of the 420 holiday.

Have you ever wanted to try some new cannabis-infused products? Then this is a great time to do it, and it won’t cost you a fortune!

From edibles, cocktails, mocktails, strains, and high fashion swag, you can get a taste of everything you have dreamed of (or maybe never even dreamed of!) for mind-blowingly cheap prices.

Go get your discounts, buddies, and join the celebrations because they won’t last forever and before you know it, you will have missed out on all the sweet deals and have to sadly wait another year to take part in the fun.

On another note, even if you don’t live in a state or country where marijuana is legalized, you can still check out the multiple deals that online cannabis sites offer. This is probably the best time to invest in purchasing new seeds, or maybe that ventilation setup you skipped on due to its high price.

There will be a little bit of everything, from devices to strains, nutrients, and all kinds of cool stuff to add to your marijuana collection, such as suitable containers to keep your weed safe.

The Bottom Line

420 celebrations are not merely a stoner gig. There is something far more valuable to the idea of sharing the marijuana culture.

And yes, there is probably no better way to explore new dimensions of marijuana as when you are surrounded by thousands of fellow-lovers of the herb.

Nevertheless, if you want to make the ancient green medication accessible so that more people can have the legal right to treat their issues and concerns without intoxicating their body with conventional meds, then go out and celebrate with your buddies!

There is no better way to show the world that marijuana is an all-natural remedy than to stand out and be yourself.

Together we can make a difference. If the herb has helped you or some of your loved ones, then go out and party hard because 420 unites cannabis aficionados all over the world, regardless of gender, race, or age!

Marijuana Grow Room Ventilation and What You Need to Know

marijuana grow room ventilation

Similar to any other living thing here on earth, plants need air to breathe. Nevertheless, it is important for cannabis plants to get adequate air and ventilation for it to grow well, preventing suffocation and stress. That is why as a cannabis grower it is vital to be informed about this, to ensure that the plants grow as best as possible.

In this article, we will be looking at the basics of establishing techniques for air ventilation. We will also tackle the consequences of poor air ventilation and the symptoms of when this is occurring.

Why is Air Circulation and Ventilation Important for your Plants?

As you know, air is essential for plants to breathe, supplying its system with enough carbon dioxide to be used in other processes like producing food efficiently. That is why neglecting this process will cause immediate problems not just to the plant but also to your bud production itself. You’ll expect less induced buds when this parameter is compromised as well.

Aside from that, air circulation is also important because it protects the plant against pests such as fungus gnats and spider mites. Making sure that you have an even air distribution for your cannabis system means that you’ll get less exposure to moisture where pests tend to thrive. Not only will it help with these pests, but it will also help you resists molds and mildews which also thrive in moisture rich environments.

Maintaining air circulation and ventilation around your plants will also stabilize your system. It will strengthen it, making it not as easily ruptured with powerful winds.

Ventilation has a close relationship with humidity and temperature. Thus, when one parameter is altered, it is expected that there will be a change in air circulation of the surrounding plant’s environment.

How to Ventilate your Indoor Grow Room?

There are a number of ways that you could employ ventilation with grow rooms in order to assure that your space has great ventilation for your cannabis plants. The following are examples:

Exhaust Fans:

Fans are an excellent way to produce and maintain the air circulation around your cannabis plant system. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure that the plants receive a slight breeze. Some small growers employ oscillating fans over the canopy and into the sides of their plants to ensure that every part of the plants get surrounded by air as needed.

However, be careful when doing this. Never put on too much air and power over your plants. This will cause the leaves of your plants to claw.


As needed, air should be exchanged every 1-2 minutes to maintain the temperature and humidity surrounding the room. The ducting should be positioned and connected to the bottom corner of the grow tent. That said, the ducting should be straight and secure all over the place. It should be connected to an external source of air preferably a window or vent for the release of air.

HVAC system:

Similar to heating and cooling systems employed in your homes, you could also install these systems into your cannabis gardens. This is the most efficient way to take control of the temperature and humidity of your cannabis systems directly. Though a bit expensive, these systems are proven to be precise.


The Ventilation Cycle

When the lighting system is turned on, it will generate an increase in temperature. Thus, the ventilation should cope with this increase using fans. Nevertheless, the system should maintain a room temperature of 26 degrees Celsius for the plants to grow.

At night, when the light is mostly turned off, the ventilation is adjusted and reduced to a minimum. This function is done to ensure that the temperature is still maintained to what it should be.

To prevent mold growth, it is important that these systems be powered 24 hours a day. These systems should be maximized during the flowering stage where cannabis plants are more at risk to molds.


Noise Reduction on this Ventilation Equipment

Since this equipment may be a bit noisy for some growers, there are some ways you can reduce the noise it produces. These include the following:

  1. Use soundproof air ducts for both outtake and intake
  2. Using carbon filters to lessen the noise that is generated by the airflow.
  3. Enclosing your equipment with wood or metal casing to reduce the noise that it produces.


Controlling the Odor of your Cannabis Plants

The best way to prevent the spread of strong cannabis smell is to employ carbon filters. This uses a carbon scrubber that works on removing the smell of cannabis upon going out into the exhaust. Though installation can be a bit complicated, this is the most efficient way to control the smell that your cannabis plant generates. Making sure that your area is kept closed with no leaks is essential to prevent the escape of smell from your cannabis system.

Regardless, if you don’t have enough money for installation of these carbon filters, you could spray around perfumes or anything that masks the odor of cannabis plants especially on important events and occurrences where it needs to be done. Though not a permanent solution, this has been proven to be helpful to at least prevent the strong scents of cannabis plants to get exposed readily outside the planting premises.



3 Times Marijuana Helped People Quit Their Vices

medical marijuana

While just some mere years ago, marijuana was widely labeled as a gateway drug, nowadays, with the in-depth research on the benefits of active cannabinoids on the body and mind, the future of cannabis treatment is quickly turning into a portal to quitting life-threatening vices.

From helping people with quitting cigarettes and alcohol to being a one-of-a-kind, all-natural and non-invasive therapy for dangerous synthetic drug addictions, the power of the herb is becoming a much more acceptable alternative to issues and concerns, which tend to be among the hardest to handle.

Keep reading to find out the top 3 ways marijuana has actually helped people quit their vices and gain a better understanding of the ancient green medication.

#1 – The Incredible Story of Dawn Lindsey

Dawn Lindsay has been hooked on methamphetamine for many years but she found the inner strength and will to quit her self-destructive habits for the sake of her beloved family.

Thus, she managed to stay clean for 20 years until she turned 49. That was the time when she was diagnosed with a severe back injury and the pain was so intolerable, that her doctor prescribed opioids therapy, including the use of both hydrocodone and gabapentin.

Unfortunately, Lindsay built a resistance to hydrocodone and her therapist prescribed her an even more powerful treatment with the implementation of fentanyl.

Fentanyl is labeled by the Drug Enforcement Administration as being 50 to 100 times more potent and addictive than morphine.

As a result, the then 51-year-old Dawn Lindsay was faced to take a life-changing decision. She did not want to risk becoming hooked on opioids and ruining everything she has been fighting for so far.

Subsequently, she packed her bags and moved to Woodland Park, Colorado, along with her husband and two kids as Lindsay had done her research on the innovative marijuana treatments as a means to soften her agony with withdrawal on the previously prescribed opioids.

Dawn Lindsay started treatment with full-extract cannabis oils, ingested orally once in the morning and before going to bed, as well as vaping the herb during the day in  case her pains got too severe.

More and more physicians are putting their efforts into shedding more light on the benefits of marijuana treatment as a health-aware alternative to the dangerous opioids.

Opioids are causing the death of more than 63,600 people across the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while up to date, there are no cases of death due to marijuana treatment.

#2 – Marijuana Treatment for Quitting Cigarettes (painlessly, once and for all!)

While cannabis smoking is often looked upon as a terrible vice by people who are not familiar with the benefits of the herb, it turns out that marijuana use can actually help people quit the horrible habit of smoking cigarettes.

If tobacco smoking doesn’t seem like a dreadful concern to you, then it is about time you learn the dangers of smoking cigarettes on your health, as opposed to smoking cannabis.

Smoking tobacco is measured as being up to 10 times more addictive than marijuana smoking. Nevertheless, while marijuana use can cause some short-term memory issues to consumers, the effects of tobacco consumption on both the mind and the body are far more destructive.

First off, tobacco makes the brain cortex thinner, causing irreversible damage to the proper functioning of both the nerve system and the brain itself, and it may take more than 5 years to cure yourself after the last cigarette you smoked.

Meanwhile, the active cannabinoids, found in marijuana, are all-natural to your endocannabinoid system and any trace of cannabis use can disappear as soon as consumers restrict from using the herb for a mere week or two.

But how can cannabis actually help people quit tobacco?

The part of the brain which is in charge of producing the feeling of reward upon tobacco consumption is related to a process called reconsolidation.

Reconsolidation can be addressed with marijuana treatment, which provides the receptors with the same feeling of reward, that helps tobacco smokers gradually and efficiently withdraw from cigarettes.

With a suitable and controlled cannabis dosage, there is no threat of marijuana addiction during the process of quitting cigarettes.

Moreover, the study, published in Volume 38 of Addictive Behaviors, focuses on cannabidiol as a source of reducing cigarette consumption. And as we know very well, Cannabidiol treatment is not associated with the psychoactive effects of THC.

#3 – Cross-Sensitization and the Ability for Cannabis to Stop Cocaine and Heroin Addictions

Cross-sensitization is a term used to describe the phenomenon, which makes one stimulus related to another type of stimulus in terms of amplification of the responses, caused by the original stimulus.

And while all that science talk might seem overwhelming, here is a real-life example to help you gain a better understanding.

If a person has been addicted to cocaine, his brain develops the ability to become much more sensitive to the administration of other substances, related to stimulating the feeling of reward after consuming a particular substance.

For example, cocaine users will be much more likely to express alcoholism, addiction to cigarettes, and marijuana.

But in fact, this very same reaction can be used to treat addictions since switching the daily dose of the lethal and health damaging cocaine with a suitable dosage of marijuana can help the brain experience the feeling of reward without reaching the point of drug abstinence.

Moreover, a study, published in the Journal of Neuroscience proves the ability of Cannabidiol to “…[] inhibit cue-induced heroin seeking and normalize discrete mesolimbic neuronal disturbances.”

Yasmin Hurd, who is the director of the Addiction Institute at Mount Sinai School of Medicine explains that cannabidiol can reverse the damage, caused by heroin on the glutamatergic receptors, which are important for decision-making and cognition.

Joe Schrank, who is a program director and founder of High Sobriety sums up the incredible ability of marijuana to help people quit their vices in a very wise way “…[] to me, if somebody was using heroin and now they’re using cannabis, that’s a major victory.”

Indoor Cannabis Grow Lighting Basics

marijuana grow room light

Most cannabis growers prefer to cultivate their cannabis plants indoors for security and safety purposes. The ability to easily control the environment such as temperature, humidity, and lighting, is another reason users choose to plant indoors. For new growers, this can be a bit difficult to begin with, especially when dealing with lighting. Since each stage requires different light requirements, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the basics. This is vital to ensure that your plants grow efficiently, with great yields and highly potent buds. Though this can be easy to follow, most growers still tend to have a hard time dealing with this aspect of growing.

The Importance of Light for Cannabis Growing

Whether you are growing indoors or outdoors, the light should be maximized for your cannabis plant to grow healthily. Like many other plants, light is an essential requirement for cannabis plants to produce high yielding and well-potent buds. Thus, cannabis plants are entirely dependent on light. Without it, plants will yield less. This is most often seen with auto-flowering strains. They produce small and fewer buds compared to light-dependant strains like sativa and indica which are used to induce high cannabis yields.

Regardless, light is a plant’s main fuel for growing. It is the force that makes photosynthesis possible by converting energy to glucose and oxygen. These compounds having been produced by photosynthesis will be distributed throughout the entire body of the plant. They will help with the most important functions of the plant such as its development, growth, and flowering.

As you may know, most of the light will be used for the development and growth of the plant’s leaves. As a result, only the excess will be devoted to the improvement of the bud’s potency and quality. This is why it is important to expose your cannabis plants to the maximum amount of light possible in order to cater to the needs of the buds.

The Cannabis Light Cycle

Generally, cannabis plants during the vegetative phase receive the most amount of light. Furthermore, the plants should be exposed to 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness during this phase. By the time the cannabis plants start to bud, a shift from 18 to 12 hours of light exposure should be made with a matching 12-hours darkness.

It is very important not to shock the cannabis plants with light changes. You should remember that plants are highly sensitive to light. Thus, slowly increasing the amount of light is necessary to prevent stress. On top of this, it can also cause light burn particularly with young cannabis plants who haven’t reached maturity yet.

That being said, there are certain cases where sudden light changes are helpful. This is specifically true during the flowering stage. Suddenly switching the light cycle will force the cannabis plants to bud.

In all other cases, forcing is not recommended by growers. It will certainly decrease bud yields if done improperly. It can also cause a decrease in your bud’s quality and THC content.

Guidelines for Light Installation

  • Make sure that your space is conducive to the lighting:

It is essential for your grow room to be large enough to accommodate not just the plants but the amount of light that could pass through to it. Typically, bigger spaces need greater light requirements to assure that all plants will get exposed to adequate light.

  • Purchase Lux Meter for Direct light Measurements:

A lux meter is an instrument used to measure lux or the amount of luminous flux per unit area. This helps you to make sure your cannabis plants receive the proper amount of light for them to grow. The canopy of a single cannabis plant should be exposed to 50-70 watts per square feet. Though this will vary according to the particular phase and strain, it is important to not overdo this parameter to prevent light burn.

  • Choose it Based on Genetics:

Always make sure that you’ve used a high quality and viable seed. It is the first and most important area to focus on before anything else when growing. Aside from that, always plan and research the type of strain that you purchase. If you don’t have the budget for grow lights, then buy auto-flowering strains. They produce lower yields but aren’t too light dependent. However, if you aren’t financially restricted, then you could buy other light dependent strains such as sativa or indica. These strains have the ability to produce greater yields.


What Type of Grow Light Should I Use for my Plants?

If you really want to maximize the lighting for your cannabis plants, then it’s essential that you’ve done intensive research. That being said, each grow light that will be discussed is made to address different issues such as price and functionality.

Normally, these lights are the most common source of light in homes, offices, and other establishments. These type of lights are great to save money since it generates less electricity compared to other lights. However, they cater toward small areas and thus are not practical to be used in bigger planting spaces. When it comes to fluorescents, there are two types of grow lights. These include:

CFL Grow Lights: These are twisty and small looking bulbs that are great for growing cannabis plants. Though not as easy as other types of lights, they still produce a great spectrum of light.

T5 Grow Lights: In contrast to CFL Grow Lights, there’s a difference in shape and size with this light. Generally, they are panel shaped and most often positioned only a few inches away from the plant.

  • High-Intensity Discharge Grow Lamps (HID)

Distributing more light compared to fluorescents, these type of lamps are large and often have an odd shape. They are mostly accompanied and screwed in with a reflector or hood to reflect more light into the plants. However, one of the only disadvantages with these lamps is that they easily get hot and need an exhaust to vent out the heat.

  • Metal Halide Grow Lights

This type of light produces a full spectrum of light suitable for the vegetative to the flowering phases of the plant. It appears to have a bluish light color as needed for it to grow.

  • High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Lights

Appearing yellow, the light from these grow lights is used to stimulate bud production. Aside from that, HPS are also used to generate highly potent and greater yields because of its large spectrum of light available.


9 Easy Ways to Reduce Your THC Buzz


As much as we all love to feel that mind-bending THC buzz, you need to do something to tone down the effects of weed sometimes. Generally, you can have a high THC and low CBD variety which has high psychoactive effects and cannabis varieties with low THC and high CBD, weed that has a more therapeutic effect than psychoactive effect.

Reducing the buzz in high THC weed will help you control the effects as well as reduce any negative effects you may be experiencing. Reducing the psychoactive effects in weed can also help you master its therapeutic effects and help you stay safe especially when you are consuming high THC strains. Here are a few tips can help you manage THC buzz like a pro.

Calming down after taking a lot of weed

The first rule of using cannabis whether for recreational or medical purposes is you must never overuse or overindulge. Smoking or consuming too much cannabis can lead to severe effects. Most weed with high THC can cause headaches, dizziness, low blood sugar, dry mouth and red eyes. Some people who are new to using cannabis may even develop dizziness and paranoia. But these can be overcome after regular use of the strain.

  1. Manage low blood sugar levels

Possibly one of the most common side effects of smoking weed and too much weed is low blood sugar. This causes dizziness, possibly to the point of passing out for some people. THC in marijuana causes a dive in blood sugar levels and this leads to dizziness, cold and clammy skin and possibly the worst effect, loss of consciousness.

Therefore if you had too much weed or you have just consumed a very potent, high THC cannabis strain and you feel close to passing out, get out of your room and breathe some fresh air. Relax and simply let fresh air clear your head. After you have relaxed a little, drink something sugary to increase sugar levels.

Eat a light meal afterwards. Usually when you pass out, you will recover in a short while. Provide a safe environment if someone passes out. As soon as the person regains consciousness, give him a sugary drink and a light meal.

  1. Getting rid of red and dry eyes

Most high THC strains can cause red and dry eyes and if you are at home or at work, you need to immediately manage this common side effect.  Red eyes are due to the effects of THC. This causes an increase in blood flow to the entire body especially in the small blood vessels of the eyes. The eye area becomes warm as more blood rushes into the area causing dryness of the eyes.

Reduce red eyes and dry eyes by using eye drops or splashing cold water on your face to reduce redness and discomfort. Take a nap or sleep. Wear sunglasses to hide your red eyes.

  1. Get rid of cotton or dry mouth

This dry and uncomfortable feeling over your mouth is due to the effects of THC and is not just when you smoke cannabis but also when you consume marijuana edibles too. Dry mouth can be treated by chewing gum, eating food or taking a sip of water or juice. You can also use cannabis strains with less cotton mouth effects if you dislike this common side effect of cannabis.

  1. Dealing with restlessness and anxiety

If you are new to taking weed, you might feel restless and anxious and this is also true if you have just consumed a particularly high THC variety for the first time. These are the effects of increased blood flow to the brain.

The best way to go about the high is simply to ride it out. While riding the high, most users turn to art, music and other creative mediums. Some take this as a great opportunity to finish some work at the office or a longstanding project at home. Anything, just about any kind of interesting activity can help you deal with restlessness and anxiety.

  1. Sleep might help deal with anxiety

Some strains can make you feel sleepy and super relaxed at the end of the high and if this happens don’t fight it. Go home and if you are home, turn off the lights and keep warm and comfortable. Let the natural course of the high make you sleep.

Make sure to keep safe and just let the effect pass. You might feel restless but this will come to pass without any medical intervention. And no matter what you do, don’t panic. The symptoms will dissipate in just a few minutes to a few hours. Usually there will be no lasting effects and the most you will feel is a little dizziness.

  1. Increase hydration by drinking more water

THC will naturally dehydrate the body since you are using a lot of energy. Hydrate by drinking a lot of water or juice. Be sure to have a glass of cold water or juice on hand. Do not drink caffeinated drinks or alcohol. Drinking juice or water will reduce dizziness and treat dry or cotton mouth. Avoid alcoholic beverages because alcohol can increase the effects of THC in the blood.

  1. Use instant home remedies

There are a lot of simple home remedies that can help reduce THC buzz. First on the list is a kitchen staple: black pepper. This natural remedy can help you deal with dizziness, loss of consciousness and anxiety. Simply take a whiff of black pepper or chew on a few bits of black peppercorns to instantly get rid of the buzz.

  1. Relaxing activities can help reduce the buzz

There are a lot of activities that can make you relaxed to reduce the strong effects of THC. You can take a nice shower or a bath to help you relax. If you feel relaxed or sleepy afterwards, sleep or take a nap for as long as you want. Do any activity that will distract you as you come down from your high. Watch a movie or a cartoon, play a video game, listen to your favourite kind of music, talk to friends or do some crafts.

Some strains will make you feel focused and creative therefore you can use this time to finish a project or a task that you find hard to complete. It’s a guarantee that you will find it relaxing and you will be more focused to work on any kind of activity.

One way to relax is to eat something delicious. Most people who come down from a high usually feel hungrier than ever. You can also go out with friends and find an amazing restaurant where you can binge eat. You may also order out if you don’t feel like going out.

  1. Entertain yourself and simply take a walk

Get some fresh air or a change of scenery to turn down the effects of THC. If you must go out, have a friend or family member accompany you. Be sure to stay close to home.