Candyland Peyote Marijuana Seeds

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More About Candyland Peyote (fem)

A New Heavy-Hitter In Town

Candyland Peyote is a fairly new breed of cannabis that has a very complex profile yet very familiar with seasoned cannabis users. Its peculiar familiarity has perked the interest of many users all over the world; hence the demand for this strain has skyrocketed ever since its introduction. As the lovechild of Granddaddy Purple and Platinum Cookies, this heavy-hitter initiates an upbeat demeanor that keeps negative thoughts at bay. The enchanting properties of this strain would leave you breathless as it gives off a vibrant feeling of happiness. The relaxing experience of this strain makes it a very good weed to smoke in the afternoon.

Apart from its high-quality effects, the medical properties of this strain are also highly valued. One should keep in mind its powerful THC content of up to 26% that will keep inflammation and pain from forming. The constant energy it gives reduces the feelings of exhaustion and fatigue.

Since it is still new, one might have difficulties with getting this strain; however, feminized seeds are available and should be ready for cultivation.

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