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Tasty Kind of Medicine

As its name says, you already imagine all the things that are sweet and tasty. When looking into it, its buds appear as if it was sprinkled with sugar. CBD Candyland has 19 to 24% of THC content, it can surely give an electrifying high, and it is perfect for consuming in the morning. This strain also works even in pains and used as a remedy in different health issues. As its 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, it is good for beginners in cannabis use. Candyland works to stimulate and boost creativity. It is an ideal companion during social gatherings or even while having a brainstorming session. It also helps lessen pain, fatigue, and any other discomforts.

Regardless of its Sativa-dominant line, this strain also fasts flowering plants, and it was easy to cultivate. Using the Screen of Green technique helps you to save an upright space; this also maximizes the buds that it produces by giving an optimal illumination to more bud sites. The environment must also need to maintain its temperature from 21 to 26°C with a 40 to 50% humidity level to make your plant resistant to molds. Cultivating it in organic soil and hydroponics is both a great choice. When the harvesting time comes, expect to have up to 500 grams of compact buds every square meter. While growing it in an outdoor setting with a warm, balmy, and sunny climate, each plant can produce as much as 900 to 1000 grams of buds. You may harvest it by the first week of October.

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