Candy Punch Marijuana Seeds

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Candy Punch Marijuana Seeds will grow plants with sweet flavors to give you an amazing cerebral high. You’ll get tiny plants at just 60 to 70 cm tall with buds with 18% THC. But despite the small height, you can get as much as 500 grams of yield per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. These small plants are perfect for stealth growing.

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A Blast of Genuine Sweetness

Candy Punch is a fruity taste with a hard-hitting effect. It also distributes an intense cerebral stimulation between its sweet and sour smell mist. It contains a THC strength for up to 20% and apart from a great head high. Also, it gives a creative push with a dynamic physical flutter, just like its Sativa parent, which is the Fruit Punch. This marijuana strain also used to reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue, some chronic diseases, and even depression.

To enhance its yield, you may use the topping, Screen of Green, and even the fimming techniques. Growers also recommend growing it in a shorter period as it is decisive for keeping it careful and for the space review. When you grow it in a controlled setting, the temperature must be between 21 to 27°C, and you should keep a semi-humid surrounding.

After the 10 weeks of the flowering period, you need to place support for the bigger colas to avoid the breakage of some branches. Expect to have as much as 500 grams of sticky flowers per square meter during the harvest period. While growing it outdoors, it gives its best yield for as much as 500 grams per plant if you grow it in the Mediterranean-like weather.

You just simply make sure that you place your candy punch strain in a place that has access to the right amount of sun and also try to provide a canopy in case of rainfall. It usually harvests during mid or even late October.

1 review for Candy Punch Marijuana Seeds

  1. Gerald F.

    Very forgiving strain they survived all my first time mistakes and still managed to produce some nice smoke. Will run this strain until it gets perfect!

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