Candy Kush Marijuana Seeds

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More About Candy Kush (fem)

The Dessert Treat That You Deserve

Candy Kush is a tasty dessert treat that you deserve after a hard day’s work. Imagine sitting on your couch just toking on this Indica heavy weed and care about nothing in the world aside from getting high. This sweet-tasting cannabis will take you on a wild ride, starting with its flavorful mix of berry and candy. Its effects start with a creeping high then slowly melts you back on your couch. The relaxing properties of this weed might take its time to fully take effect, but once it does, you will never want to leave your position.

The health benefits of this weed centers around relaxation. In just a few hours of smoking this herb, you can feel your worries fade away, and any negative feelings are swept under the rug. As you slowly drift off to sleep, you will notice a sigh of relief now that you have attained peace.

Beginners are highly encouraged to grow this special strain as it does not require advanced knowledge in cannabis cultivation. These feminized seeds will ensure that you get females.

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