THC levels in marijuana

Can I Test the THC Levels in my Marijuana

For a lot of consumers, it is essential to test the quality and amount of THC levels into your marijuana. The amount of THC in a cannabis plant determines the potency of the weed your taking. Thus, it measures the duration and the intensity of its euphoric effects into the body.
Nonetheless, there are given data and percentage of THC content that is available to each cannabis strain for purchase. These numbers came from accurate laboratory experiments that are carefully tested by a given procedure or method.
However, there are times that you really doubt upon these set of data and desire to experiment all by yourself to clarify things clearly. The good thing is, it isn’t really as hard as you think. There are existing methods for measuring the THC levels of your cannabis strain. Some of these tests could not just be done through labs but also DIY into your homes. To follow through, just read as indicated below.

High-Performance Low Chromatography

This is the most common method that is done in most laboratories. HPLC assesses the mixture of chemicals and its subsequent levels in a given liquid solution.
As for the case of cannabis, all you need to do is obtain a weed which is mixed with a solvent usually ethanol. The solution is then highly pressurized in a given tube that draws upon specific molecules as scattered upon its chemical properties. A detector will then analyze the given sample as the material goes down the column.
Since THC and CBD travel at different speeds, it is easily get identified the amounts of it through HPLC.

Cannabis Testing Kits

But if you want to do the testing all by yourself, then there are existing cannabis test kit that you could purchase it as readily needed it. This is the easiest and fastest way to test the number of cannabinoids into your marijuana. Though, not as exact with HPLC but it’s extremely helpful to its users.
All you need to do is follow the procedure below.

Preparing the Solution

The kit includes a small vial for which you’ll place few of cannabis samples. Then, a solution is added (package within the kit) will be added dropwise as required. Shake the solution slowly for about 10 minutes.

Reading and Measuring Amount of THC

Observe the color that the solution after 10 minutes. A color chart will be incorporated into the kit that you could use upon predicting the THC levels of your cannabis strain. Usually, the color spectrum indicates THC levels through a scaling. A pale to very intense red subsequently denotes increasing levels of THC into your given cannabis sample.

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