Can Cats Get High with Weed Too?

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There may be times you are wondering if second-hand smoked weed can make someone high. There are also times you are wondering if pets can feel the same way as you do when you smoked marijuana. As you love smoking but at the same time love having pets with you, there are things you need to know just before you realize and regret what it can do to your lovely pets, especially your cats. 

In this article, we will be talking about this topic – “can cats get high?”. But before we even go further, let us discuss what science says about this and the underlying effects it causes to your pets for you to have a further understanding before even getting too high while being around with them. 

What Science says about it: Can cats get high?

Though the human system differs a lot from the cats, there are still a few similarities. One of them is the endocannabinoid system or ECS. Cats are verily equipped with ECS. They have huge interconnected groups of receptors found in their body. These receptors help them particularly in the regulation of their basic bodily functions. But not only that it helps them function, but receptors in their body regulate their hormones. 

So how does this relate to making cats high? Cats can get high as soon as the substances found in marijuana are absorbed by their body as their receptors will be triggered. So same as the effect on the human body, cats can feel the same way but in a very extremely dangerous feeling. The only difference is that they do not know what is going on. They do not know that they already consumed weed through second-hand smoke. 

But the problem with their difference in our system is how it can affect their body in a general perspective. As they have huge receptors throughout their body, the way the human system is structured in absorbing cannabinoid composition versus their system is fairly different. These things should be known before you even finally regret it. 

What are the effects on the cats?

Aside from getting extremely high and feeling uncomfortable, there are few things you should know about the effects of weeds in the cat. 

THC intoxication

As the effects of cannabis in our body depend on our size, so do the cats. But the problem with this is that cats weigh way lesser than us. So when the substance is absorbed in their body, may it be through second-hand smoke or swallowing, with that, the result is very dramatic. 

Based on the study made by Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica, the THC composition found in marijuana can intoxicate cats but far more different symptoms than the human system. It has been found that cats can get intoxicated even with a small amount of THC. It can also cause lymph nodes and mouth cancer. This is resulting from the inhalation of second-hand smoke. 

Another thing you need to know is the smoke that sticks on your cat’s fur. Like the way your cat groom themselves is by licking their fur, as soon as they lick the toxins and THC content present on the particles that stuck on their fur, the effects will be damaging to them and can, later on, result in death. 

Little you know, once the toxins and some other substances from marijuana are absorbed by your cat’s body systems, they will show the following signs of intoxication: 

  • Problem with their consciousness
  • Extreme saliva production
  • Mydriasis 
  • Convulsions
  • Irritation
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Diarrhea
  • Hypothermia 
  • Seizure
  • Brain damage

Eye problem

When you unexpectedly blow the weed smoke to your cat’s face, the tendency is, their eyes can absorb the substance of weed smoke in their eyes. This can irritate their eyes and can lead them to blindness. As the smoke from the weed can cause your cat’s eyes to get dry, they will feel very agitated and painful. 

What about CBD?

There are few experiments made by cat owners that identified CBD as a helpful medication and relaxation agent for cats. However, these few ideas are not something that we can count on as a piece of good information especially if science tells a different story. Based on the statement made by Drew Watson, a New York pet consultant, he mentioned that the use of CBD to the cats and other pet animals are devastatingly damaging to their system. 

The fact that the general human body system differs a lot from the cats, the placebo effect does not work the same thing to cats as to humans do. While there are lots of online reports that do say differently than science, this specific idea is not to encourage. Better to consult a veterinarian about this before even experimenting with your cats. And even though CBD does not cause psychoactivity, remember that the effect of CBD on humans versus the cat’s body system is way different. So stop imagining the similarities and focus on the fact that they eat different food, they groom themselves differently, and they act differently. The similarities are that it affects, in just a different way we feel. 


With the question can cats get high, the answer is yes and no. Yes in a way that they would significantly and extremely feel the effect and no in a way that it agitates them and makes them uncomfortable. 

While it is fun to smoke weed, it is no fun to smoke weed and place your joints or cannabis shake anywhere. Given the fact that your lovely cats may be able to inhale the smoke you do, they may be also able to eat it without knowing how it can affect their body. 

To prevent any negative effect on your cats that you might regret someday, smoking your weed can be done without them. This can help you have the fun you want without even compromising the health of your pets. Remember that the substances and toxins incorporated in the weed are bad for their health and may result in death in the long run. 

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