California Orange x Skunk Marijuana Seeds

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More About California Orange x Skunk (fem)

A Must-Have Old School Marijuana

California Orange x Skunk is old school cannabis mixed with a well-rounded strain that is a favorite among different marijuana communities. The citrus orange taste of this strain makes it a highly enjoyable weed to smoke. Much like sipping a glass of orange juice, this weed will enact a set of health benefits such as a clearer mind and lesser stress. Much like its parent strains, this Sativa dominant strain offers a subtle mental and physical high allowing you to work through your tasks while remaining under the influence of the strain.

With its 15% THC content, its medical value enacts as a mood booster and pain reliever. The uplifting nature of this weed helps remove any negative thoughts from depression. Growing this strain indoors can prove to be challenging as the plant will need training techniques to thrive and a good support system to hold the branches together.

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