Full Guide To Buying and Growing Marijuana Seeds

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All around the world, you will find lots of people integrated into the different cannabis scenes that places have to offer. In this day and age, marijuana is slowly starting to make its way into the lifestyle and culture of many societies. Despite the prohibition of weed during the early years of the 20th century, recent years have seen numerous reforms take place in various countries. This opens the opportunity for people to make use of the health benefits and advantages that cannabis has to offer that all starts with marijuana seeds.

Now, since cannabis is slowly legalizing across the globe, it is crucial to learn more about how it can affect those who consume it! Not only that, we should also broaden our knowledge about marijuana seeds if we want to grow cannabis plants. It may come as a surprise to many as to how much there actually is to learn about marijuana seeds. Well, let’s start off!

Marijuana Seeds: What Are They?

Before anything else, let us first establish what marijuana seeds are. Do they grow exactly the same as others? Cannabis seeds basically work the same way in the sense that they sprout marijuana plants. However, they behave quite differently when grown due to the fact that they are dioecious plants in nature (But we’ll discuss more on that later).

There are all kinds of marijuana seeds that breeders and developers have been able to come up with throughout the years. These basically contain all the genetics that we later get when cultivating cannabis plants. With different breeding and propagation techniques available today, cultivating your own cannabis seeds would seem like a very fulfilling idea. Of course, developing seeds all boils down to male plants pollinating and producing seeds.

What Do Marijuana Seeds Look Like?

Marijuana seeds in general are quite easy to spot. They are unlike any other vegetable seed that you may see. These will usually look like little circular pods which are around 2 to 5 mm long and 2 to 3 mm wide. Marijuana seeds also have a very dark brown and deep color to them. Any seeds that may display a lighter tone in color might mean that they are of inferior quality or they haven’t fully mature yet. Additionally, one main characteristics that weed seeds have are the very subtle spots or stripes found on them.

Cannabis seeds also has a coating with a fairly hard and shiny outer shell that acts as a protective layer. When held and pinch with slight pressure, you will notice a firm resistance. A trick that growers use to check if their seeds are good for planting is by using the float test. If you submerge seeds into water and they sink, this means that they are more viable to plant comparing to seeds that float.

While you can tell the difference between weed seeds from others, classifying the different types will probably be much more difficult. This is because these seeds, basing on their gender or genotype, will look exactly the same as one another! Regular seeds will primarily look exactly identical to those of feminized or autoflowering seeds.

Do Cannabis Plants Have Gender?

With the rise in popularity of both feminized and autoflowering seeds, many people have often foregone the importance of learning about the gender and sexes of cannabis plants. However, knowing how to differentiate is crucial especially since there is always a risk of your gardens sprouting up undesirable plants.

Again, cannabis plants are dioecious plants in nature. This means that they are classified as either a male or female plant, just like how human beings and other crops are sorted. On the other hand, monoecious plants are the ones that contain both a male and female reproductive organ in the same plant! As weird as it may sound, this is actually quite a common characteristic for most flowering plants. Oftentimes, regular seeds will develop hermaphroditism. This refers to the condition wherein cannabis plants convert into monoecious plants and develop male and female reproductive organs within the same plant.

Understanding the Difference Between Male and Female Marijuana Plants

During the early stages of a cannabis plant’s life cycle, it is quite hard to differentiate the males from the females. This is because weed plants won’t generally display any telltale signs of their genders up until they reach the pre-flower stages. Once they do start developing their pre-flowers, however, growers will start finding it easier to identify the plants’ genders.

Male plants tend to develop small, bulb-like pollen sacs for their reproductive organs. These round products can be found in between the nodes of a cannabis plant’s colas, right where the branches and stems intersect with one another. Female cannabis plants, on the other hand, produce long, hair-like calyxes known as pistils. These pistils also form in between the nodes of a cannabis plant’s colas which makes it easy for growers to spot.

Male and Female

Why is it important to know males from the females? Well, female plants are generally the only ones that contain high THC levels that are capable of inducing psychoactive effects. Put simply, it is the female plants that are used for consumption. Male plants generally contain low THC levels and are instead for breeding cannabis seeds use.

Contamination of female plants happen If male plants pollinate in the garden. As the pollen grains come into contact with the pistils, this causes female plants to lose their potency and ability to develop high THC buds. Instead, they will also start producing pollen sacs and growers will be left with non-consumable buds.

Different Types of Marijuana Seeds

As we already have a general idea of what marijuana seeds are, it is time to talk about the different types that marijuana comes in. Cannabis seed come in three main varieties, namely: regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflowering seeds. It may seem quite overwhelming at first, each of these types will actually bring different qualities to cannabis gardens.

It is important to know how each and every one of these weed seeds work! Let’s get started:

Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular marijuana seeds are one of the photoperiod type of seeds. This refers to the characteristic of needing a sufficient amount of sunlight in order to develop and produce flowers. These are the most classic form of weed seeds used by growers for many years now. You can say that regular marijuana seeds are in the purest forms when it comes to seeds. Well before breeders and developers came up the use of feminized and autoflowering, regular seeds were the only type available in the market.

The main highlight and/or concern that growers usually have with using regular seeds is the possibility of them developing into either male or female cannabis plants. As mention above, male plants have the tendency to contaminate your weed crop by pollinating all over the females! While this may seem much more of a hassle than using other types of seeds, there are still many benefits that come with regular marijuana seeds.

Advantages of Regular Marijuana Seeds

Regular seeds are capable of sprouting male cannabis plants. This is a very distinct advantage to growers who focus more on the breeding and development of new strains. That being the case, regular seeds are the ideal choice for expert growers who look to experiment with new genetics.
These will also be the ideal choice for growers who are looking to take advantage of the numerous opportunities of cannabis in the market. As a result, many dealers and distributors use regular seeds for commercial purposes.

Because regular seeds are basically the purest form of cannabis seeds that hasn’t undergone human intervention, they tend to have the highest possible THC levels and potency out of any other seed type. Like the saying goes, you can’t beat the classics!

The cannabis plants from regular seeds are also known to be very resilient and sturdy. This is one of the main reasons why cannabis plants in general are known to be capable of growing in any particular environment.

Whether you plan on using clones or seeds to grow your weed gardens, they are always best taken from plants from regular seeds. The pure genetics that usually comes with regular seeds make them great for producing strains.

Disadvantages of Regular Marijuana Seeds

What sets regular seeds apart from the rest is the tendency for them to sprout male and hermaphrodite plants. This is a major drawback for most growers who are looking to yield a bountiful crop of smokable weed.

Using regular seeds is often considered as the most strenuous type to grow. Because of the risks that it comes with, growers will have to pay closer attention to them. Additionally, it might be a hassle to segregate the males and pick them out from the gardens. You must also be careful in doing so as applying too much pressure can lead to the pollen sacs releasing grains.

There has undoubtedly been a dip in the amount of growers who are using regular seeds. Because people can easily get their hands on feminized and autoflowering, regular seeds are as highly demanding as they used to be.

Best Regular Marijuana Seeds

AK-47 Regular Strain

  • Parent Strains: Thai, Mexican, Colombian, and Afghani landrace genetics (65% Sativa, 35% Indica)
  • Flowering Period: Seven to Nine Weeks
  • THC Level: 20% (1.5% CBD)
  • The AK-47 marijuana strain makes use of four (4) very prominent landrace strains as its parents. Users should expect a very sharp and intense high off of the AK-47. While the name may come off as intimidating, you shouldn’t worry as the AK-47 will slowly envelope your whole body in a warm blanket of pure bliss and relaxation. The vibrant and uplifting feelings that you will get are definitely by the flowery and earthy undertones of this hybrid.

Sour Diesel Regular Strain

  • Parent Strains: Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91 (90% Sativa, 10% Indica)
  • Flowering Period: Nine to Ten Weeks
  • THC Level: 21% – 24%
  • Known across the whole cannabis community as a very stifling and pungent strain, Sour Diesel sure knows how to hit in the right spots. While it doesn’t have the most tantalizing flavors, this strain definitely produces a cerebral high that almost borders psychedelic. Without causing a heavy feeling that crashes your body, you will be able to get through the whole day feeling energize. In fact, Sour Diesel is also frequently use as a medical strain that can help lower a person’s anxiety levels and reduce the amount of stress that a person feels.

Afghani Original Regular Strain

  • Parent Strains: 100% Indica Landrace Strain
  • Flowering Period: Six to Seven Weeks
  • THC Level: 15% – 20% (0.6% CBD)
  • A list of the best regular marijuana seeds definitely won’t be complete unless it includes the ever-famous Afghani strain. As one of the most widely-used pure strains for developing legendary and new hybrids, Afghani has undoubtedly reached a status in the cannabis scene than only a handful of strains has achieve. But when smoked alone, it also provides amazing results. Thick, heavy sensations will start overwhelming your mind as your body crashes into your couch. You are then met with a great sense or light-headedness and focus that makes chilling out at night seem like the perfect idea.

OG Kush Regular Strain

  • Parent Strains: Hindu Kush and Chemdawg (75% Indica, 25% Sativa)
  • Flowering Period: 8 Weeks
  • THC Level: 19% to 25%
  • Does the OG Kush really need any sort of introduction? Often called the “most famous strain in the world”, the reputation of OG Kush extends far outside of the cannabis community. OG Kush primarily induces a very cerebral and mind-focused high. Sharp waves of focus and social-centered feelings gradually start blanketing your head. After a while, you will soon be experience a euphoric and dreamy high. The great thing about OG Kush is that it does not cause any disorienting effects and heavy-head hits. This legendary strain is also known to produce a very hashy and spicy taste. The strong earthiness may be quite harsh for some as it can cause a slight irritation on the throat.

Royal Gorilla Regular Strain

  • Parent Strains: Sour Dubb, Chocolate Diesel, and Chem’s Sister (60% Indica, 40% Sativa)
  • Flowering Period: Eight to Nine Weeks
  • THC Level: 24% – 26% (1% CBD)
  • Royal Gorilla is a prime example of an amazing marijuana strain that is taken for granted. As a hybrid that gives a great set of flavors and effects, Royal Gorilla will definitely help users feel relaxed and calmed down. With the first few tokes, you are greeted with strong flavors of pine and earthiness. There are also some very discreet undertones of lemon and sourness that cut down on the hashy tastes of this strain. Because of its indica dominance, Royal Gorilla creates a very relaxing and body-massaging stone. It is often used for treating fatigue, chronic pain, high stress levels, and migraines.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds are photoperiod types of marijuana plants that will rely heavily on the amount of light that they receive in order to flower and produce buds. In this day and age, these seeds are the most famous and highly  in demand type of cannabis seed for cultivation. In fact, almost every type of strain that you could think of now comes in feminized versions. When breeders and seed developers come up with new strains, chances are they opt to make them feminized immediately.

Feminized seeds, as its name suggests, have the ability to produce weed crops that consist of purely female plants only. This means that growers won’t have to worry about getting rid of any unwanted male plants that may contaminate your gardens.

Advantages of Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The primary advantage of using feminized seeds in your cannabis gardens is to rule out any possibility of male plants sprouting! Of course, this will depend a lot on the way the seeds are bred and developed. With properly feminized seeds, growers wouldn’t have to worry about their plants being male or female.

Because you are most probably sure to get all female plants, this helps growers maximize their garden spaces and make use of all areas to produce consumable buds.

Unless you are a grower who enjoys experimenting with genetics and breeding new hybrids, feminized seeds and clones work brilliantly for producing the same strain!

Just like how male plants are eliminated from your gardens, so too are hermaphrodite plants or hermies. These usually come from regular seeds as well.
The maintenance level for feminized seeds is a lot easier for beginners to get used to. This allows a bigger market to make use of feminized seeds as compared to regular ones.

The cannabis plants that are grown using feminized seeds come out with just as much THC and potency as regular seeds.


Feminized seeds aren’t as appealing if your aim is to produce cannabis plants for seed breeding. As such, producers of seeds are better off using regular seeds as to feminized ones.

Turning seeds into feminized ones does undergo a process. This means that if it is not done properly, the seeds will have a chance to still develop male plants! This is why it is important to obtain all seeds from reputable sources.

While this isn’t as proven as others, feminized seeds may have the tendency to be harder to germinate as compared to regular seeds! This is because they have undergone certain processes that may have an effect to their genetic makeup.

Best Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Strain

  • Parent Strains: Durban Poison and OG Kush
  • Flowering Period: Eight to Nine Weeks
  • THC Level: 25% – 28% (0.1% CBD)
  • The Girl Scout Cookies, also known as GSC, is one strain that is sure to satisfy your THC cravings! Just like the sweet treats that everyone seems to love, it is hard to find a flaw in what the Girl Scout Cookies strain has to offer. The minty and somewhat chocolate-like flavors are complimented perfectly by the earthy and gassy undertones of GSC. With a ridiculously high THC content, GSC blends the perfect combination of an energizing high with some very relaxing and dreamy sensations. As you start off with a high that sharpens your senses and keeps you focused, you will slowly start drifting off to a world of euphoria in your mind. Soon after, an irresistible drowsiness overwhelms your body as you are lulled to sleep!

Northern Lights Feminized Strain

  • Parent Strains: Afghani descent (90% Indica, 10% Sativa)
  • Flowering Period: Seven to Eight Weeks
  • THC Level: 15% – 18%
  • As one of the oldest indica-dominant marijuana strains in the market, this legendary hybrid is no stranger to high praises. Northern Lights, just like the Aurora Borealis phenomenon it derives its name from, will leave users in awe of the euphoric and breathtaking (literally) effects of this strain. The Northern Lights gives off a very sophisticated taste of pines and herbs. The slightly sour and spicy flavors should also be appealing to many smokers out there. Smoking a joint of Northern Lights will leave people with a very satisfying feeling of intoxication. This classic indica strain produces a very iconic stone that calms the body and relaxes your muscles for long hours. It is the perfect strain to use for a light smoking session as it helps you induce some very deep and comforting thoughts.

Green Crack Feminized Strain

  • Parent Strains: Afghani and Original Skunk (70% Indica, 30% Sativa)
  • Flowering Period: Nine Weeks
  • THC Level: 18% – 22%
  • Green Crack, which was initially called Cush, gained a worldwide reputation when renowned rapper and cannabis advocate Snoop Dogg, praised it for the immensely strong sativa effects that it came with. The fruity and equally earthy flavors of this strain are what many people love about it. With a very trippy high that borders psychedelic, Green Crack will definitely keep you energized and uplifted throughout the whole day. It is the perfect strain to use right before heading off to start your day as it does not cause any subsequent heavy-body after effects that crash your mood.

Super Silver Haze Feminized Strain

  • Parent Strains: Original Haze, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights (80% Sativa, 20% Indica)
  • Flowering Period: Ten to Eleven Weeks
  • THC Level: 21%
  • Super Silver Haze has been able to take the crown for “Best Sativa” of All-Time due to the mesmerizing effects, jaw-dropping flavors, and overall performance when smoked. With countless awards under its belt, Super Silver Haze lets its name do the talking. It boasts a very mind-altering and sharp high. Users will immediately feel a sudden improvement in their moods and their senses dialed to 11. Anyone who is feeling stressed out, fatigued, or droopy may find solace in a couple puffs of this miracle worker. The skunky yet savory fragrances of Super Silver Haze really elevate the overall experience of smoking.

Durban Poison Feminized Strain

  • Parent Strains: South African Sativa (100% Sativa)
  • Flowering Period: Eight to Nine Weeks
  • THC Level: 23% – 26% (1% CBD)
  • Out of all the South African strains that can be found in the weed marker, Durban Poison is definitely the most famous one! This well-established landrace genetic has withstood the test of time and is widely regarded as one of the best strains out there. When ground up for smoking, Durban Poison buds give off a very herbal and pungent scent that is reminiscent of classic ol’ weed. As for its effects, Durban Poison hits users with a very mellow yet captivating head high. This strain causes a very clear-headed effect that doesn’t leave users feeling heavy. Instead, people will feel much more energized and focused which can help boost their productivity and overall mood.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Throughout the years, many innovations have been introduced to the cannabis scene thanks to the technology we have today. Whether it was methods to sprout larger yields or make the cultivation process a lot easier, people have come up with various ways to improve the overall experience of weed growing. However, none have come close to the impact that autoflowering marijuana seeds had on marijuana gardens. The breakthrough of these seeds literally change the way growers approach their weed seeds. Not only has it given them an easier cultivation experience, it also significantly improved the markets of cannabis across the whole world.

Ruderalis and Autoflower Connection

Now, autoflowering seeds work in the opposite direction of photoperiod seeds in the sense that they do not rely largely on the amount of light that they receive in order to flower. This is thanks to the ruderalis genetics that are present in certain cannabis strains.

Cannabis ruderalis is the third and newest species of cannabis that has been discovered. As it is indigenous to places like Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Russia, these plants are accustomed to growing in extreme and harsh environments. This led them to develop the ability to flower and thrive without depending on ideal conditions that are usually present for weed growing! However, ruderalis strains are naturally incapable of producing highs due to the low THC content that they possess. As such, they are usually bred into other various strains with high THC to create these hybrids.

Advantages of Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are, by far, the most low-maintenance types of seeds to grow. Their ability to sprout and grow marijuana buds without sticking to a strict lighting pattern makes for a very simple and convenient cultivation experience. As such, many beginners have opted to use autoflowering seeds for their first few times of growing.

Fast Growers

These seeds are also known to be extremely fast growers. While some other cannabis seeds will take numerous months to fully mature, these type of seeds only take around 6 to 8 weeks from germination until they are fully ready for harvest! This allows for more harvests during the year.
Thanks to the ruderalis genetics of these strains, these seeds are capable of growing even under the harshest environments! Their durability helps them withstand fluctuations in the growing area without the growth of buds being affected.

Autoflowering plants are known to reach very small heights of about 2 to 3 feet. This helps growers maximize all the space that they have in their gardens.
It is also important to note that these plants are feminized in nature. Growers won’t need to worry about male plants as well!

Disadvantages of Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Autoflowering versions of strains, because of the ruderalis genetics, are primed to contain a much lower THC level than feminized and regular seeds! While many autoflowering strains still have high THC contents, this will be a lot less potent than their other counterparts. Additionally, the yields of such strains reach much lower levels! This may be caused by the small and miniature plants that sprout from these seeds.

If you are a breeder of seeds, then cloning of plants will not sit well with autoflowering strains. Because autoflowering strains usually have a slower regeneration process after harvesting which, if not taken care of properly, will lead to damage to your plants. The drawbacks of autoflowering seeds may be unappealing to those growers who usually breed and experiment with certain strains. As such, autoflowering seeds are good only for a specific market of growers and cannabis users.

Best Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Train Wreck Autoflowering Strain

  • Parent Strains: Mexican and Thai Sativa, Afghani Indica (60% Sativa, 30% Indica, 10% Ruderalis)
  • Growing Time: Nine to Ten Weeks
  • THC Level: 16% – 18% (0.10% CBD)
  • The autoflowering version of Train Wreck has taken over the gardens of many cannabis growers around the world. With some very compact and popcorn-shaped nugs, this strain gives a very simple and easy growing experience for beginners and long-time growers alike. This autoflower strain captivates a user’s mind and sends wave after wave of pure euphoric bliss. It works great for people who are itching to spend the good part of the night just chilling out. Despite being a sativa-dominant strain, Train Wreck will surely make your body feel up in the clouds!

Lamb’s Breath Autoflowering Strain

  • Parent Strains: Jamaican Sativa (85% Sativa, 5% Indica, 10% Ruderalis)
  • Growing Time: Eight Weeks
  • THC Level: 19% – 25% (0.32% CBD)
  • Lamb’s Breath, or sometimes called Lamb’s Bread, is a pure Jamaican sativa strain that works wonders for both recreational and medical users. Known famously for being a personal favorite of musical legend Bob Marley, Lamb’s Breath is undoubtedly one of Jamaica’s most sought after weed strains. Despite being an autoflowering variant, this strong-hitting sativa still packs quite a THC level. As expected, you get a very creative and uplifting high that transports your mind to a very dreamy and abstract world of your own. Your mood will also begin improving as your head starts racing with all sorts of blissful thoughts. The spicy and slightly gassy strain may not be for all, but Lamb’s Breath definitely gives a smooth and mellow inhale.

Candy Cane Autoflowering Strain

  • Parent Strains: Mango, AK-47, and White Widow (30% Sativa, 60% Indica, 10% Ruderalis)
  • Growing Time: Seven Weeks
  • THC Level: 17% (0.10% CBD)
  • Candy Cane is a sweet, sugary strain that brings delectable profiles to your mouth as well as some very subtle and easy-going effects. The ridiculous sweetness of the strain is often cut down by the earthy and herbal undertones of each hit. Once you start taking a few puffs of Candy Cane, it is hard to stop. You are immediately introduced to a very dreamy and soft body sensation that calms your muscles and gets you feeling all lazy. You might have a hard time getting up after smoking a joint of Candy Cane so make sure to do so at night! You can spend long hours enjoying the smooth and light highs of this autoflowering monster!

Early Miss Autoflowering Strain

  • Parent Strains: Big Bud and White Widow (30% Sativa, 60% Indica, 10% Ruderalis)
  • Growing Time: Seven Weeks
  • THC Level: 20% (0.70% CBD)
  • As one of Crop King Seeds’ most successful creations, Early Miss is an autoflower that was designed to counter all the drawbacks that you would usually get from ruderalis genes. As such, it is still a very potent strain with high THC levels and a ridiculous yield rate! Early Miss is a very effective strain to use if you are looking for a nice body stone. The soft yet buzzing sensations in your body will definitely keep you under a cloud of pure euphoria as the strain works its magic. The relaxing feelings will travel to each and every part of your body and drown it in some very soothing massages. Early Miss is also great for alleviating any feelings of pain and discomfort.

Bubble Gum Autoflowering Strain

  • Parent Strains: Unknown (50% Sativa, 40% Indica, 10% Ruderalis)
  • Growing Time: Seven to Nine Weeks
  • THC Level: 17% – 19% (0.10% CBD)
  • Over the course of its life, the original Bubble Gum strain has racked up countless awards and accolades which includes an impressive four High Times Cannabis Cup Awards! Now, the renowned strain comes in its very own autoflowering version. Like its predecessor, autoflower Bubble Gum is a very fruity and tangy strain that leans more towards a berry and candy-like profile. This well-balanced hybrid can also induce a very relaxing high which does not cause any sort of weed hangover right after. Instead, your body will feel refreshed as the soothing buzzes of this strain gets rid of any negative vibes. You might also feel slightly happy as Bubble Gum starts making its way to your head!

CBD Marijuana Strains

Apart from the three main categories that cannabis seeds come in, there is another kind of seed that has been used extensively in today’s cannabis scene the CBD strains. As its name suggests, Cannabidiol strains are weed seeds that sprout cannabis plants high in CBD and usually low on THC. These are marketed more towards medical patients who use cannabis for treating various health conditions.
Since the medicinal benefits that cannabis gives is one of the main reasons why weed is extensively used today, it should come as no surprise that people have found a way to inject all medical properties into a specific type of strain. Before we get started, let’s take a closer look at what CBD or cannabidiol actually is.

Now, the two main chemical compounds found in marijuana are the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). While THC is known to be the primary cause for mild-altering and psychotropic effects, CBD leans more towards the medicinal benefits and other discreet effects of weed usage.

CBD strains will usually contain levels that are higher or equal to the amount of THC found. This ensures that users may still experience some very mild and enjoyable highs without them being too overwhelming. Additionally, the high CBD content also helps stimulate the way a person’s body operates. It causes a chain of effects that treat many various conditions such as muscle pain and discomfort, anxiety, depression, and development of cancer cells.

Best CBD Marijuana Seeds

Auto CBD Cheese Marijuana Strain

  • Parent Strains: Auto CBD and Cheese XXL (25% Indica, 25% Sativa, 50% Ruderalis)
  • Flowering Period: Ten to Eleven Weeks
  • CBD Level: 12% (6% THC)
  • A very classic and soft medical strain, the Auto CBD Cheese is great for users who are experiencing mild to debilitating body pain and discomfort. Conditions like migraines, chronic pain, inflammations, and stiff joints will have their bodies feeling relaxed throughout the course of this strain’s effects. Smoking Auto CBD Cheese is more medical than psychoactive so you won’t have to worry about any hard-hitting highs. The cheesy and very floral tastes make it easy to use.

ACDC Marijuana Strain

  • Parent Strains: Cannatonic and Ruderalis genetics (25% Indica, 25% Sativa, 50% Ruderalis)
  • Flowering Period: Ten Weeks
  • CBD Level: 18% (1% THC)
  • As opposed to being named after a hard rock band, ACDC is actually a very subtle strain that gives ridiculous amounts of CBD. If you are looking for a strain that is almost purely medical in nature, then this is it. It is a very natural painkiller that relies heavily on the CBD content to alleviate any debilitating body aches, migraines, and back pains. If you feel drained from work or from other physical activities that may take a toll on your body, having some ACDC will definitely help relieve any negative and heavy feelings off you.

Chemdog Marijuana Strain

  • Parent Strains: Chemdog heritage x CBD strain
  • Flowering Period: Eight Weeks
  • CBD Level: 19% (19% THC)
  • Chemdog #4 is a classic medical/recreational strain that boasts a perfect 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. The high may be too much for users who use marijuana exclusively for medical purposes. But if you are used to the high THC contents, then Chemdog #4 will surely hit like a dream. It works great for people who are suffering from ADHD and insomnia. Chemdog #4’s very sleepy and sedating high will definitely help cause some much needed rest to those who need it. Anyone who is experiencing mild symptoms of anxiety and depression will also have their moods instantly uplifted as this strain can cause some very euphoric and happy highs.

Critical Mass CBD Marijuana Strain

  • Parent Strains: Pure CBD, Critical Mass, and Lowryder
  • Flowering Period: Nine Weeks
  • CBD Level: 9% (5% THC)
  • This CBD version of Critical Mass is a great beater that a patient can use almost daily. As the medical benefits are geared more towards regulating symptoms of serious diseases, patients will find solace in the very euphoric and mildly dreamy high. Critical Mass CBD works brilliantly for people who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. The muscle-soothing effects of this strain help loosen any tightness in the body which may lead to more severe conditions. Additionally, Critical Mass CBD has also been frequently recommended to patients who undergo radiation exposure via chemotherapy, which causes nausea and stomach sickness.

Harlequin CBD Marijuana Strain

  • Parent Strains: Colombian Gold, Thai and Swiss Sativa, Nepali Indica
  • Flowering Period: Eight to Ten Weeks
  • CBD Level: 10% (7% THC)
  • Harlequin is a famous CBD strain that is often recommended to patients suffering from nerve damage and inflammation in the joints. This hybrid’s tropical and fruity flavors is what sets it apart from the rest. Instead of the usual herbal and earthy flavors, Harlequin amplifies the whole treatment experience with rich and sweet tastes. It is the perfect therapeutic strain that causes strong uplifting and sedating effects which counter the main symptoms of fibromyalgia.

How To Grow Marijuana

If you are a cannabis grower, then you have probably come across different methods of growing weed seeds. Now, this mainly boils down to choosing whether you make use of seeds or clones. While the traditional way of growing practically any plant is through the use of seeds, using clones also has its own benefits and drawbacks!

When done properly, there is no doubt that these two methods can sprout up some very potent and healthy cannabis plants. Of course, this will depend on the skill of a grower and the surrounding condition found in their gardens!

Growing Marijuana From Seeds

We are all familiar with using marijuana seeds to grow cannabis plants. Basically, this involves germinating the seeds and subsequently sticking them into a growing medium of your choice. It is the traditional way of planting cannabis seeds and is basically the go-to method for most growers out there.

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using marijuana seeds:

It is hard to deviate from something that is commonly used by most growers out there. So if you do not want to risk experimenting on a method of growing, then I advise planting marijuana seeds instead of clones. It is easy to learn and master, too!

When purchasing from a reputable seed bank such as SunWest Genetics, marijuana seeds are sure to sprout high quality seeds. Unlike using clones, you can opt for different strains by simply choosing from the various options! This is the main advantage that seeds hold against clones and it ensures a diverse selection of buds in your gardens.

Opportunity in Seeds

It is virtually impossible to breed and develop new hybrids using clones as they only take qualities of their main plants. As such, marijuana breeders should only make use of weed seeds. Using marijuana seeds ensures that you can simply start over with a new batch of fresh seeds after harvest. This gives growers the opportunity to adjust and make changes in the conditions of their growing area.

Of course, there are also some drawbacks to using seeds in your gardens:

Germination of weed seeds also poses the risk of an unsuccessful growth. Once the seeds fail to germinate, it may be hard to get them to sprout back out. This will likely result in useless seeds that must be discarded.

Using seeds generally starts from scratch. As such, it will definitely take much longer for cannabis plants to mature and flower. It takes roughly 7 to 8 months.

One seed may sprout beautiful and healthy plants while another may be of lower quality! There is less consistency in the quality of plants when using weed seeds. Regular seeds also pose a threat of developing male cannabis plants.

However, here at SunWest Genetics, we have our own guides on germinating marijuana seeds with 80% success rate for your seeds to sprout.

Cloning Weed

Growing cannabis plants by cloning may be something foreign to many growers out there. However, let me be the first to tell you that it is a very simple and effective way of producing potent and healthy plants! In addition to being a new and exciting way of growing cannabis, using this method also holds a lot of advantages against the traditional method of seed planting. But how exactly do you use clones?

Put simply, clones are derived from obtaining a cutting from a mature cannabis plant and subsequently nurturing the said cutting until it grows into a new and separate plant. Doing so creates an exact copy of its mother plant (thus being called clones) that contains the exact same genetic makeup and composition. This means that growers who usually stick to just a few different strains are better off using clones.

Here are some other advantages of using marijuana clones

While it isn’t the most famous type of growing method, cloning is actually very simple and easy to learn. Of course, it may take some getting used to especially during cutting. But overall, it makes the growing experience a lot more enjoyable.

As stated above, clones take all the characteristics from its mother plant. As such, you are sure to get the same potency, THC level, appearance, and effects from clones! Additionally, if you decide to clone from a female plant, then you will undoubtedly end up with feminized clones as well.

Because cuttings are obtained from mature plants, you are basically skipping over the germination and vegetative stages and heading right into the flowering stage! This saves a significant amount of time which ultimately leads to more harvests during a year.

As long as you don’t mind having the same few strains over and over again, clones will be able to provide you with practically an endless supply of weed for as long as you like!

Coincidentally, here are some of the disadvantages that come with cloning marijuana plants:

Because cloning involves growers cutting the cannabis mother plant, there will be a certain level of stress that your plants will be exposed to. If not done properly, this can cause significant damage to your crops.

The procedure of cloning seeds isn’t as common to growers as planting seeds is. This may make it intimidating for people to try it out!
When we said that clones carry all the characteristics of a mother plant, we meant all. This includes the negative and bad qualities that the mother plant has such as diseases, being prone to molds, sick and infected buds. This also include other factors that may hinder the growth of the plant.
Clones grow differently from plants that come from weed seeds. As such, growers will still have to familiarize themselves with the different factors that it require such as lighting patterns, nutrient compositions, watering periods, and many more.

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds

After all this talk, you could be wondering where the best place to buy marijuana seeds is. Well, it is none other than SunWest Genetics. We are a leading marijuana seed bank that is considered as one of the most reputable sources in the USA and Canada! SunWest Genetics, also known as SWG is one of the pioneers of virtual weed seed shopping. The dedication to upholding the highest standards in cannabis seed breeding ensures that our genetic pool consists of only the most premium seeds in the market.

SunWest Genetics also specializes in worldwide shipping, which allows us to expand our market to all the four corners of the earth! Our discreet and stealth shipping via our Express Shipping services come with tracking and insurance numbers. This guarantees the arrival of our packages right to your doorstep with no issues at all. So, what are you waiting for? Shop at SunWest Genetics now!


There are many strains and seeds out there that appeal to every type of grower in the market. Whether you choose to grow them indoors or outdoors, for recreational or medical use. One can also grow for personal or commercial purposes. There is bound to be various strains that satisfy your garden needs!
Choosing from the strains listed above will definitely bring the best experiences to you guys. From potent flavors to an all-around plethora of effects, these marijuana seeds sure have earned their spot among the best! We hope that this may serve as a guide for those who wish to broaden their knowledge about marijuana seeds. As something that seems to be taking over the world, it is definitely important to expand our knowledge on all things marijuana!


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