Bubblegum Haze Marijuana Seeds

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More About Bubblegum Haze (fem)

Recommended For Artists

Bubblegum Haze is a Sativa leaning herb that is highly recommended for those who are in the realm of creative arts. This weed causes active high wherein the mind is filled with great ideas while the body remains in a feverish state of relaxation. A perfect weed to smoke in the afternoon or early evening, this strain will surely delight many artistic minds. The moderate levels of THC also keep the effects subtle yet strong enough to induce the high that everyone craves for.

This Sativa strain is highly beneficial in many ways, including those who are currently suffering from chronic pain. Patients with mental health issues should seek this strain for its mood-changing capabilities. Apart from these therapeutic effects, it also stimulates the appetite; hence food must be prepared before toking this weed.

Those who live under a Mediterranean-like climate should rejoice as this weed is a great strain to cultivate in this type of weather.

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