Bubba Gift Feminized

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Bubba Gift Marijuana Seeds is a very easy strain to grow because of its disease-resistant qualities. This small indica-dominant cannabis strain can give you the most yields from 1000 to 3000 grams per plant outdoors and from 400 to 600 grams per square meter indoors. Your buds will have sweet, grape, tobacco, diesel, and berry flavors.

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More About Bubba Gift (fem)

Truly A Gift From The Gods

Bubba Gift is an Indica dominant strain that is popular for its vigorous growth and amazing production quality. Within the right environment, it can produce up to 3,000 grams of yield. Surely any grower would love to have that kind of result. Needless to say, this strain is highly resistant to diseases and pests; hence it is able to grow vigorously.

The potent effects of this weed are also highly valued by the cannabis community. With over 15% THC level, the uplifting high does not overwhelm the mind, and instead, it simply clears the mind from all the negative thoughts, causing joy and laughter to take place. The body buzz creeps in and replaces a tired body with a relaxing sensation. This bud’s therapeutic value makes it a good substitute for mainstream medicines such as over the counter pain medication. The analgesic properties are very potent against chronic pain conditions brought by multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and back pain.

2 reviews for Bubba Gift Feminized

  1. John Brown

    This Bubba Gift is truly a gift! Great structure and very high yielding, her pre-harvest looked were fantastic; huge flowers and also so immune with any diseases. I love its diesel scent it offers me a very calming buzz that could make me relax.

  2. Darrin

    Aromatic strain with enticing flavor. excellent outdoor yields nearly 2kg per plant and grow 3m tall. it’s a solid plant with broad leaves but well-spaced enough for sunlight to get in..can be cultivated both indoor and outdoor setup. sooo thankful! finally every night, i enjoy her fruity herbal flavor and diesel smell smoke..no more sleepless nights! but hunger attacks which is good, i wanna gain weight though..this girl is right to anyone that fights depression like i do. Will buy again! til next time..

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