Bruce Banner x White Russian Marijuana Seeds

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More About Bruce Banner x White Russian (fem)

The Perfect Indica Quality

Bruce Banner x White Russian is a high-quality Indica breed that mixes fruity flavors with diesel aroma. This is highly reminiscent of its roots in Strawberry Diesel. Having a THC level of around 20%, this potent weed captivates seasoned users with its intense, long-lasting effects. Speaking of effects, it starts with a head high that intensifies as it goes on. The sudden upswing of mood becomes evident, which results in a more positive mindset.

An excellent strain for daytime use, this weed supplies the body and fuels the mind to bring that extra level of energy for the rest of the day. With its long list of terpenes, this specific strain is potent medical marijuana enabling a lot of therapeutic properties that heal the body. With its high THC level, it is known to tone down chronic pain and muscle spasm. This also proves to be highly effective against depression.

Currently available as feminized seeds, this strain thrives in an open area where it receives a lot of warm sunshine.

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