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More About Bruce Banner (fem)

Bringing The Big Gun

Bruce Banner is a Sativa dominant strain made by crossing the infamous OG Kush and the sweet-tasting Strawberry Diesel. As you may have already guessed, this strain is named after the popular Marvel character’s alter ego, The Incredible Hulk. There is no wonder why this strain has been named, such as it brings forth a wide array of effects that can summon the Incredible Hulk due to its strength and potency.

Users will immediately feel the rush of euphoria as the mental buzz sets in. An amplified sense of awareness becomes prevalent, which results in mental clarity. Much like its name, your inner intellect will surface as this weed is known to tap into your creative and intellectual side. Conversations are easier to do, and a boost in energy helps you with your productivity.

One can find relief from stress through this strain. Just like its parent strains, the potent THC level of this weed benefits people is living with long-term pain and psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety. You might be interested in picking this strain up, and with its new feminized seeds, growing this weed under a dry and warm climate should be possible.

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