Blueberry x White Widow Marijuana Seeds

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More About Blueberry x White Widow (fem)

The Ultimate Lovechild of Two Powerhouse Strains

Individually, Blueberry and White Widow are both icons in their own right. The combination of both would only mean that these strain’s strong attributes are combined to form a super strain that should be a superstar just like its parent strains. Blueberry x White Widow is the lovechild of both strains that keeps all of its parents’ characteristics. This small plant ensures that cultivation is easy, and with the right conditions, it can provide its grower with huge amounts of yield. Blueberry x White Widow prefers an outdoor setup than an indoor where it receives a lot of sunshine.

In using this weed, one can be certain that the effects are rather mild than the usual Indica leaning strain. A mental buzz starts off the round of effects that brings a sense of happiness to the user. The mental stimulation becomes more profound as the session goes on, and users end up having a good amount of THC in their system that it results in a calm body buzz. A natural analgesic, this weed proves to be a valuable addition to the medical marijuana field.

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