Blueberry x Big Devil Marijuana Seeds

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More About Blueberry x Big Devil Autoflower 

A Versatile Hybrid with a Fantastic Taste

She is the proud daughter of Big Devil, Blueberry, and a Ruderalis. All those three parent strains gave her those genetics that is so admirable. With equal sativa and indica sides, she introduces the best of both worlds. The fast-flowering ability of a ruderalis has made the combination even better.

Packing a medium THC amount of 14-20%, she is potent enough and can get you high in no time. After taking tokes, you will feel a balanced effect that is quite cerebral and relaxing. You will enjoy a total body relaxation. What makes the experience more satisfying is her fantastic aroma/taste profile. You will notice the skunky note with hints of incense and fruits.

She should be in your garden today or sooner. She will pay for your efforts with medium to high yields regardless of where you chose to cultivate her.

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