Blueberry Marijuana Seeds

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More About Blueberry (fem)

An All-Time Blueberry Flavored Classic

Blueberry is the popular kid in the block when it comes to marijuana strains. This highly adaptable weed can be crossed with almost all strains that still retain most of its attributes, especially its distinct fruity berry flavor. This Indica leaning plant is a mix of Afghani, Thai, and Purple Thai that grows fast and thrives under the heat of the sun. This hybrid has been a staple in the West Coast since the 1970s and is still one of the most popular brands of weed up to this day.

The reason behind such popularity is its timeless effects to the user. The calming sensation it induces is a classic feat that only this weed can do. The strong cerebral buzz is due to the high levels of THC that work to comfort the mind and body. Being a high-class weed, this hybrid strain never fails to amaze even medical professionals with its health benefits. The soothing smoke relaxes the muscles and has powerful pain-killing properties. It is also known to aid in the correction of depression.

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