Blue Mystic Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Blue Mystic Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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Blue Mystic is one such strain. An 70% Indica strain creates a potent physical high that can cause couch-lock if anyone is looking for a strain that encourages rest.

Many people who are unfamiliar with cannabis think there is just one kind. If some are receptive, others argue that its use yields little benefit. Additionally, these characteristics have been shown to favor recreational and medicinal users. Blue Mystic is not an easy strain to work with. However, for those who are willing, the experience and its related advantages are well worth it.

Blue Mystic Auto Strain Specification

Type: 70% Indica 30% Sativa

Genetics Parents: Blue Mystic x Short Ryder

Flowering Period: 7-9 weeks

Climate: Mediterranean

Yield: 200-300 g/m2 Scrog indoors / 60-80g per plant outdoors

Flavors: Sweet, Fruity, Earthy, Citrus,Woody

THC Level: 17%

CBD Level: 1%

Height: 70-180 cm

Harvest Period: All year

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Blue Mystic Auto?

As this strain contains up to 17% THC, a robust physical high is to be predicted. Apart from totally calming the body, its strength can also create narcotic-like symptoms. Susceptible individuals are those who are new to the drug or have a low tolerance. Although some people can remain energetic and busy while on a physical high, most prefer to slack off and lounge on their couches.

When Blue Mystic’s spell is cast on users, they experience an uplift. The improvement of mood results in the sense of pleasure. Not to mention, the Sativa side provides an energy boost. It is not unusual for consumers to experience an initial feeling of sociability and operation. However, this does not last long as the emotional high starts to set in. The wonderful thing about its fragrance is that farmers can detect a whiff of it at worst. Blue Mystic Auto, like its parent, has a flavorful start with sweet and citrusy hints that evolve into berry-like and earthy notes with woody overtones as you exhale. Its nugs are frosty and tight, and it has a delicious berry fragrance that lingers on your fingertips.

What are the Medical Benefits of Blue Mystic Auto?

While having a higher rate of adverse reactions than the average, Blue Mystic has far more benefits. Apart from the psychoactive properties that recreational drug users crave, it also has medicinal uses. According to medicinal cannabis consumers, Blue Mystic is most common for those trying to relieve pain caused by illnesses. The second most common use is for stress control and depression treatment. Additionally, it deals with fatigue and headaches.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Blue Mystic Auto

Blue Mystic is an excellent strain that has a soothing effect on the majority of its consumers. However, it is not an easy burden to work with. This means that there are specific adverse reactions to which individuals should be conscious.

Dry mouth and eyes are now typical side effects of marijuana use. As a result, we’d like to get it out of the way. There is no way around this but to stay hydrated. However, there are some adverse effects, including increased anxiety and paranoia, as well as dizziness. It is impossible to decide who is prone to these other adverse effects and who is not. Therefore, the best course of action is, to begin with, a small amount and measure it.

How to Grow Blue Mystic Auto

After a few weeks of treatment, Blue Mystic produces a cluster of large blue buds covered in thick layers of trichomes for starters. It can be grown outdoors or indoors; either way, it is not difficult to care for, although some familiarity with plant propagation will be helpful. Combining Sea of Green (SOG) with hydroponics indoors is an ideal way to grow this strain. It will take 7-9 weeks to bloom with a height of 70-180 cm. When grown indoors, this strain can produce 200-300 grams of buds. Outdoor growing can have 60-80 grams of buds per plant.



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