Blue Head Band Marijuana Seeds

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More About Blue Head Band (fem)

A Mixed Bag of Goodies

Blue Head Band comes from different strains that were put together to form a highly delicious and capable hybrid. Coming from a cross of Emerald OG, Cali Sour D, Pre’98 Bubba, and ’76 Blueberry, this evenly balanced strain sums up all the goodness of these four parent strains into one hybrid. With an intimidating mix of THC levels and effects, this weed should have a warning for beginners. Seasoned users will fully enjoy this weed’s capability as it helps achieve an overall psychoactive high that tears away any signs of mental weariness.

Over the counter medications are rendered useless with this potent weed. Pain killers are no longer needed when you begin to toke this strain. It’s euphoria-inducing high also takes away any signs of depression and mood swings. The Indica lineage has proven to be an effective method of curing insomnia.

Growers who are interested in trying out the feminized seeds of this hybrid should begin by planting them inside a greenhouse or a controlled environment to induce proper growth and maturity of the plants.

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