Blood Diamond OG Marijuana Seeds

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More About Blood Diamond OG (fem)

The Proper Descendant to OG Kush

Blood Diamond OG is a pure Indica breed and a direct descendant of OG Kush. This sweet woody-flavored strain lends its effects from its parent strain. With its powerful cerebral effects, even the toughest and most seasoned users are bound to fall on their knees literally and figuratively with the strength of this weed. Capping at 20% THC level, this herb exerts a lot of effort in bringing you to a relaxing high. The overwhelming body buzz will leave you truly breathless and immobile.

Those who aspire to have a tranquil experience at night should smoke this weed. Insomniacs who have battled with sleeplessness will finally get their well-deserved rest at night. The tranquilizing effects of this strain are also effective against body pains.

OG Kush is known as a difficult strain to grow, however, the introduction of this feminized version together with the upgrade of Blood Diamond OG; this pure Indica strain can now be bred by growers within a controlled indoor environment.

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