Black Hulk

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Black Hulk Marijuana Seeds has a unique appearance. It’s lovely inside and out and comes with a balanced effect. It’s a tall plant at 180 cm high but grows only average yields at 350 grams per plant outdoors and 450 grams per square meter indoors. You’ll love its berry, pungent and earthy flavor buds.

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More About Black Hulk (fem)

A Mighty Avenger For Beginners

Black Hulk got its name from two powerful parent strains, namely Bruce Banner and Black Domina. It is widely accepted that Bruce Banner is one of the most powerful strains on Earth; however, the combination of the Black Domina allowed such a strain to mellow down a bit, thus enabling beginners to experience Bruce Banner in a toned-down fashion. What is great about this weed is its gradual rise to a pure euphoric state. Many strains in the market today often shoot straight up for the high, but this weed would like for you to experience how it slowly gives you that sensation.

Apart from its gentle inclination towards a cerebral high, this weed is also known for its pungent smell; hence growing this strain indoor is highly advised. A good filtration system should also be installed to reduce the odor. Black Hulk also presents a lot of health benefits, including releasing the tension from the muscles allowing for proper relaxation, and decreases the onset of pain from arthritis and other variation of illnesses.

2 reviews for Black Hulk

  1. G. Mullin

    Beautiful! friendly to all newbies, a full-package hybrid that i loved the most. this baby grown well when planted in my lawn, no problem at all. it takes 9 weeks to produce average yields of sticky buds with rusty pistils. her shiny trichomes makes her attractive. They have a lot of flavorful seeds here, and this is one of those, dont missed her fruity berry taste that calms the throat when breathe in. this tasty smoke changes my mood brings laughter even doing silly things hahah unforgettable experience happens. after smoking i feel dry mouth and red eyes, to avoid drink water. Absolutely i’ll grow again!

  2. Joseph H.

    Well blend of gentle mind high and soothing buzz! tasty berry flavor and earthy aroma just so good that i wanted more..feeling happy at the same time sleepy!.during rest day, i smoke and do movie marathon, feels so satisfying!.forget all the troubles in life..absolutely Yes! all growers can cultivate this fruitfully. like me, I planted her in my lawn, she favors a warm place with enough sunlight. In 10 weeks, she produce yields nearly 11.8 ounces of sticky buds per plant. But, what really catches my attention is her twinkling trichomes like shining stars..Amazing! i’ll grow this all over again!

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