Black Domina Marijuana Seeds

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More About Black Domina (fem)

A Pungent-Smelling Couch-locking Indica

Black Domina is an Indica leaning plant that remains true to its name to dominate the mind with astounding effects. Best known as a late evening toke, this weed fully sedates its user into a relaxing couch-lock experience. Grown under a controlled indoor environment, this Indica heavy herb shows its true colors once the effects are in full swing. While it starts slow, the captivating euphoric high will keep you toking for several hours until you end up feeling sedated. This is the time you will feel your legs and arms numb, and you are left on your couch, unable to move.

This earthy spicy weed is commonly used against anxiety, muscle cramps, and depression. A powerful muscle relaxant, Black Domina’s 18% THC content, is a great way to cap your day. This is the strain that highly recommended for insomniacs and those who need to release all the tension. Its proven health benefits have been widely acclaimed all over the world; hence growing this strain should be your choice as well.

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