Big Devil Autoflowering Seeds

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Big Devil is an automatic cannabis strain. It is indica-dominant made by a very popular seed bank. It may be the best kind of strain for your cannabis needs. The Big Devil strain offers a potent recreational and therapeutic effect, which is why it is popular among recreational users and medicinal consumers. 

Big Devil is the choice among growers. Given the right conditions, it will grow resin –packed buds that are perfect for creating concentrates and other cannabis products. It has high THC and good CBD and is suitable for evening use. And because this strain is an automatic cannabis strain, you’ll get faster flowering and compact plants good for stealth growing.                            

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3 Seeds $45.00
7 Seeds $70.00
15 Seeds $135.00

9 reviews for Big Devil Autoflowering Seeds

  1. Brian Mills

    This is my first time to try big devil auto flowering, delivered on time and most of all, I love the way how they approach their costumers. Pretty much sure will going to love this Big Devil Auto flowering seeds. Good job SunWest you really come a long way!

  2. Clyde Snyder

    Big Devil was easy to grow and there were no problems with it, resistant to any kind of training. High yield of buds and resin and smells of sweet aroma. This strain is a chill Indica that really feeds up to your head but no couch lock. May even run this one again, I love it.

  3. Glen Cunningham

    It’s a big eater plant during flowering time and yields are decent. Good production of compact and resinous buds. It’s very pleasant woody citrusy herby smoke and very tasty. It provides a relaxing, yet powerful stone. This is an excellent strain for new growers.

  4. Hector Hart

    I’m grateful to my grow, Big Devil produced a good amount of dense, compact and resinous buds. This strain gives a strong body and cerebral experience which can be intense to other users and it’s very relaxing. I am looking forward to growing it again.

  5. Shane Bradley

    This was my first try in coco and it came out great and resulted in a beautiful quantity of dry buds. The Indica qualities of this strain are very strong but it doesn’t knock you out. I’m very pleased with your Big Devil strain and would recommend it.

  6. Ricardo Lane

    This plant is resistant to high temperatures. Easy to grow and good harvest. A very citrusy aroma from this lady and a very smooth high. It’s good for social occasions. Definitely recommend this particular strain to anyone just getting into the game!

  7. Moore

    I love these good, sticky, dense beautiful buds. The power of a marijuana high can vary. Trust me. I’ve tried almost all! Big Devil is special its high is relaxing but still powerful. You’ll be tripping, but don’t worry about getting paranoid or scared. It’s always a good time with the devil! I’m so pleased I can grow my own devil marijuana now, and the devil loved my warm indoor space. Good germination, good yield, happy customer!

  8. Earl Cunningham

    As a grower for concentrated oils, the Big Devil seeds from Sunwest Genetics gave me the best buds packed with resin. Great value for my money. Didn’t need to buy lots of seeds to generate great yield. I recommend this for experienced growers, needs a little bit more care than my other strains.

  9. Aurora Lee

    I have used 4-5 strain over the years but I can say that this one , Big Devil strain, is my favorite. I am a grower too so believe me when I say that this one is a perfect choice. It is really good to relieve my stress and body pain. This is the main reason why I grow this strain at the first place so I am totally satisfied with my choice! Thumbs up!

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