Big Bud Marijuana Seeds

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More About Big Bud (fem)

Award-Winning Strain That Promises Large Yields

Big Bud is a grower’s dream weed to cultivate. Not only does it provide heavy yields, but this award-winning plant provides a lot of joy for its ease and convenience in cultivation. This Indica leaning plant is an icon within the cannabis market for its top-quality buds. This strain is preferred by seasoned users for its high potency, with THC content reaching up to 20%. If you want some chill time at night, this is the weed for you.

Many of its effects are similar to other Indica heavy strains, but what truly sets this weed apart is its mind soaring high that immediately plummets into a physical buzz that drowns you out with its overwhelming relaxing feeling. Medical practitioners highly recommend this strain against insomnia and muscle spasms. If you feel the need to sleep without pain, this Indica strain will do wonders. Big Bud growers should be growing this weed outdoors where it will feel at home under the brightly glowing sun.

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