BC God Bud Regular Marijuana Seeds

BC God Bud Marijuana Seeds has very high THC levels and will produce heavy yields. Grow this indica-dominant strain, and you can get as much as 1000 grams per plant outdoors and up to 500 grams per square meter indoors. This is a small plant only 90 cm when mature, but you can get high THC at 22%.

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5 Seeds $40.00
10 Seeds $70.00
25 Seeds $140.00


More About BC God Bud (Regular)

Considered as BC Bud Station

This strain already experiences winning the World’s Best Indica in Canada as a Cannabis Cup Winner. This BC God Bud has a great fragrance that is findable on planet Earth. This strain contains 75% Indica and a 25% Sativa hybrid strain. It comes from the cross of G0 x Hawaiian with a Purple Skunk. BC God Bud reaches an up to 24% THC level. It is also recommended to use in medicinal conditions such as insomnia, depression, and it even gives relief for usual pains.

Planting it in an indoor setting can take a flowering period of 9 weeks while planting it outdoors, it is ready to harvest during the month of October. This marijuana strain makes a very good choice for those commercial growers as its compact buds have a huge bag appeal and a lot of flavor up an extraterrestrial high. BC God Bud grows as heavy crystal-like coated buds with an outer body great feeling.


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