Autoflowering Seeds

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Autoflowering seeds grow into cannabis plants that begin to flower on their own within just 2 to 4 weeks of germination. They are the opposite of photoperiodic plants, which are generally referred to as classic varieties, including Sativa and Indica seeds.

Sunwest Genetics have been crossed with a ruderalis strain so that they produce flowers on autopilot. Triggering the flowering cycle with these seeds is no longer needed.

Whether you are planning to get your own autoflowering seeds to start growing your own plants, or planning to give some seeds to someone you know, we completely understand what you need. We have listed above some of the best autoflowering seeds for you to choose from. But before that, there are some things that you need to learn about this variety.

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The marijuana plant is genetically flexible, and diverse creature. It features species which have been completely developed with different traits and characteristics. They usually come as a result of different types of growing methods performed by growers.

A certain species called the cannabis ruderalis has evolved in the northern part of the globe, where there are shorter summers, and thus less light can be expected annually. These plants have adapted to these questions, developing the ability to flower according to age, rather than a change in the photoperiod. This is highly different from other cannabis types, all of which needs changing hours of light so as to flower.

Advantages of Growing Autoflowering Seeds

There are different advantages of growing autoflowering seeds. For one, you can expect to see valuable yield as soon as possible. It is also beneficial to those who are growing in specific parts of the world where there is a need for growing discreetly and fast. Autoflowering varities tend to grow much faster compared to regular sativa and indica strains. Some strains can even go from seed to harvest in just two months.

Another potential advantage is that they tend to grow just small and limited in size. Sativa varieties are generally known for their tall heights and slender leaves, all of which are capable of growing to huge bushes outdoors, when given enough space. On the other hand, Indica plants have general smaller stature, with fan-like and thicker leaves.

This feature makes the autoflowering varieties quite compact and small. This fact offers a good advantage to some growers who are searching for ways to make the best out of their growing space, as well as those who live in locations wherein other people are still not tolerant of marijuana use.

Another advantage of using autoflowering seeds is that they do not need a change in the light cycle so as to flower. Rather, they flower based on age. They automatically flower regardless of the life cycle that the plants receive. For instance, they can be kept with a light cycle of 16/8, which translates to 16 hours of complete daylight, and 8 hours of complete darkness every day, right through both vegetative, as well as the flowering stages. This is different from the regular cannabis, as they usually need a change in light cycles so as to cause flowering.