Auto CBD Ratio Marijuana Seeds

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Auto CBD Ratio Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant strain with a whopping 20 percent CBD and only 1 percent THC. It is an effective therapeutic strain ideal for the relief of arthritis, depression, stress, anxiety, migraines, and muscle cramps. This calming and very relaxing strain comes with an earthy, mint, and flowery flavor you’ll love to smell over and over again.

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Auto CBD is a feminized and autoflowering marijuana seed with approximately 22 percent cannabidiol. With almost no high or psychoactive effects, the THC levels are lower than one percent (0.20 to 0.40 percent). It has multiple therapeutic properties that are derived from its high CBD content, specifically created for therapeutic purposes.

When marketed, both recreational users and therapeutic patients love this plant. It smells and tastes cannabis but won’t get you high. It’s an amazing autoflowering cannabis strain to bring CBD strains closer to all types of growers. This cannabis seed turns into a compact, mid-sized, and bushy cannabis plant, presenting broad and serrated leaflets, with short internodes.

When grown indoors, it could reach about 110 centimeters in height and one meter tall when grown outdoors in optimal conditions. It’s a great choice for growing cannabis in small spaces or discreet growing. You can grow it in a small space, like a city balcony, and this plant shows her full potential in about 70 days.

1 review for Auto CBD Ratio Marijuana Seeds

  1. TVerreau

    What an amazing strain easy growing the smell was fantastic. There wasn’t a lot of buds to have after harvest but they were all good quality and if grown under better conditions would have been great producer. Awesome smooth flavorful smoke. I can sense the calming effect and very relaxing feeling. I’m super happy with this grow!

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