Auto CBD Haze

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Auto CBD Haze Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-leaning strain. It is a beginner’s strain that’s easy to grow and is a medicinal strain with high CBD at 8 percent versus a low THC at only 7 percent. You can use this automatic strain for conditions like migraines, arthritis, depression, anxiety, and muscle spasms.

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More About Auto CBD Haze

The CBD Haze Queen

Auto CBD Haze is a new autoflowering CBD cannabis strain having original Dutch Haze genetics. This strain takes pride in its mild THC concentrations, giving 1:1 CBD: THC ratio. It’s a crossbreed between a pure CBD auto and Haze XXL Autoflowering.

Auto CBD Haze revolutionizes the legendary Haze family of marijuana strains because of its mild THC concentrations of around 7 percent and high CBD levels of 8 percent. This cannabis strain produces balanced effects, combining the mental alertness and uplifting euphoria of a Haze sativa with the clear-headed and subtle relaxation effects of a high CBD strain.

Like many other marijuana strains, Auto CBD Haze is well adapted to both outdoor and indoor environments. It reaches manageable heights (1.2 meters), and after ten weeks, it produces average harvests. When grown indoors, this cannabis plant provides 300 to 5 grams per square meter of harvest and 25 to 100 grams outdoors.

2 reviews for Auto CBD Haze

  1. Chabot

    If only all medicine tasted this great! Its striking orange pistils are coiled around elongated and resinous buds – an unmistakable trait inherited from the best tropical Sativa genes of its predecessor. The flavor is complex and intense with the hallmark Haze tang of incense and spice. The effect of THC and creates a relaxing, clear-headed effect that’s perfect for carrying out daily tasks requiring focus and motivation. It may also help wipe out stress and anxiety, allowing you to relax and let go of worries burdening your mind. Try it now!

  2. West

    A phenomenal strain that gives the best of both worlds! Its structure is best described as compact and shrub-like with many secondary branches that eventually become budding sites. The buds are elongated and resinous, with the distinct aroma and flavor of incense, pine, lemon, and exotic wood. The buzz tends to be potent, cerebral, and long-lasting, and the infusion of high levels of cannabidiol helps tone down the intense effects! Highly recommended!

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