Where to Buy Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

buy autoflowering marijuana seeds

If I’m thinking of growing marijuana seeds, where should I purchase one? Where are the good breeders of such distinguished plants? Well, you were ought to find out where to buy autoflowering marijuana seeds. A great deal of more breeders with auto-flowering seed is discovered day by day, although if you will look around the breeders have cited developments to … Read more

Breeding Autoflower Seeds Production

breeding autoflower seeds

The cannabis industry is alive and thriving with an explosion of different strains with great quality. Very important too are recent advancements in cannabis growing especially the rise of the ever-popular autoflowering cannabis plants. Autoflowering or auto seeds are very beneficial for small-scale growers because these plants can grow and bloom even in a very small room or area. Autos … Read more

Sexual Cannabis Breeding: Ultimate Guide

cannabis breeding

As a cannabis enthusiast, have you ever wondered how the cannabis plant is bred? There are several biological processes that are involved with the sexual propagation of cannabis and how new generations of seeds are made through cannabis breeding. A cannabis plant can either be reproduced sexually or asexually. For asexual propagation, the cannabis plant uses cloning and cutting to … Read more

Using Bondage Technique to Maximize Cannabis Yields

bondage cannabis

Getting larger, better yields is the dream of every cannabis grower. They look for strains that grow large, dense buds and techniques that can maximize their yields. There are proven ways to increase yields like providing proper plant nutrition, using good soil, and using plant training techniques. One of the most efficient techniques that require only some string is the … Read more

Winter-Proof Cannabis Growing 101

winter growing cannabis

Individuals residing in areas of the world with freezing winters demand to exert several measures to guarantee completion when planting winter growing cannabis. Though, once specific circumstances are brought into account, many farmers discover that winter growing cannabis is much less doubtful than stretching in the peak of solstice! And this pattern considers farming is accomplished indoors. The initial thing … Read more