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marijuana aquaponics

Aquaponic Cannabis Growing and 3 common Issues

February 17, 2019

One common marijuana grow technique is called aquaponics. Studying the basics of the aquaponic system will surely result in increased…

420 celebration

3 Reasons Celebrating 420 is a must!

February 15, 2019

If you love marijuana, then there is simply no reason why you would not love to celebrate 420! In fact,…

marijuana grow room ventilation

Marijuana Grow Room Ventilation and What You Need to Know

February 11, 2019

Similar to any other living thing here on earth, plants need air to breathe. Nevertheless, it is important for cannabis…

medical marijuana

3 Times Marijuana Helped People Quit Their Vices

February 9, 2019

While just some mere years ago, marijuana was widely labeled as a gateway drug, nowadays, with the in-depth research on…

marijuana grow room light

Indoor Cannabis Grow Lighting Basics

February 7, 2019

Most cannabis growers prefer to cultivate their cannabis plants indoors for security and safety purposes. The ability to easily control…


9 Easy Ways to Reduce Your THC Buzz

February 5, 2019

As much as we all love to feel that mind-bending THC buzz, you need to do something to tone down…

marijuana glycerin tincture

Making Cannabis Glycerin Tincture in 24 hours?

February 3, 2019

Apart from smoking cannabis, there is an newer emerging method for consuming cannabis buds. This substance has been gaining a…

hanging lake Colorado

8 Must Visit Marijuana Smoke Spots in Colorado

February 1, 2019

Colorado is quickly turning into a number one spot to explore, indulge and enjoy your cannabis vacation but that is…

storing marijuana with mylar

Storing Cannabis with Mylar Bags

January 30, 2019

Cannabis preservation is one of the main concerns that most users have, especially if they are buying cannabis-related products. That…

marijuana grinder

8 Cannabis Grower Gifts

January 29, 2019

Getting someone a gift, whether a lover, a family member, or a friend is probably one of the most stressful…