Amnesia x Nicole Kush Marijuana Seeds

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Amnesia x Nicole Kush Marijuana Seeds will grow sativa-dominant plants that are very easy to grow. This strain produces generous yields of 600 grams per plant outdoors and 600 grams per square meter indoors. This is a small plant growing only up to 100 cm when mature. You will get THC at 22% with buds teeming with citrus, spicy, berry, lemon, pine, and earthy flavors.

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More About Amnesia x Nicole Kush (fem)

Well-Balanced, Highly Potent Weed

Amnesia and Nicole Kush are both highly potent strains of different lineages. One is a popular Sativa dominant strain while the other is an Indica rich in THC. The combination of both strains resulted in a balanced weed that is known for its fast-acting effects that smacks people right in the head. This hard-hitter is generally beloved by the community for its potent high, which is attributed to THC levels reaching up to 22%. One can experience a temporary memory loss with toking this weed.

With its well-balanced heritage, this weed is also known to have therapeutic effects on the system. It can momentarily relieve people from pain and boost energy levels. Users also tend to open up more in conversations when they smoke this weed. After a few rounds, this herb will generate enough cannabinoids in the system that will help calm down the senses and allow rest to take over.

This weed will require a lot of experience to cultivate. However, the feminized seeds should make up for some of the difficulties involved. Indoors, the use of hydroponics can provide a great medium for growth.

1 review for Amnesia x Nicole Kush Marijuana Seeds

  1. Donatien Gamache

    This Marijuana is a total success!!! This strain must be one of the best on the market and, crossing with another strain it provides a superb high of a very high quality. Great amateurs must absolutely test this marvelous weed, especially as the seeds are of good quality and they all germinate without any problem.

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