Amnesia x Ak47 Marijuana Seeds

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Powerhouse Healer

Amnesia and AK-47 are two names that might ring a bell, especially for serious tokers of cannabis. These Sativa dominant strains are highly known as medical marijuana strains that have made a mark on the cannabis landscape. Combining the two into one strain only brought a medical powerhouse that will trump all over the strains in the market. First, the Sativa lineage generates a good amount of THC that clocks at around 20%, thus enabling a list of medical benefits that will shock many users.

The clear-headed high is already a given knowing this is a Sativa dominant strain, but the prominent analgesic properties keep you pain-free for many hours. Not only does it stops any physical agony from surfacing, but this strain is also a great appetite stimulant that helps cancer patients during their treatment by reducing the onset of nausea. The calming sensation it brings also lulls people to sleep soundly at night.

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