Amnesia Purple Marijuana Seeds

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More About Amnesia Purple (fem)

Be Overwhelmed By This New Take On A Classic Strain

Amnesia Purple comes from crossing Purple Kush and Amnesia Lemon. This flavorful weed is a great Indica dominant plant that offers terrific taste and smell. This duo works well with each other and offers what they are good at. The Indica lineage offers great amounts of physical relaxation while the Sativa side brings a favorable amount of mental clarity. The euphoric rush you get from this weed can be overwhelming with its 21% THC power, but when taken in moderation, it can still be an enjoyable experience for new users.

Bred specifically for its medical value, this weed aids in relieving stress, enhancing mental capacity, removing negative thoughts and mood swings, instill calm and tranquil thoughts, and generate a body buzz that will help in inducing sleep. This compact plant can be grown outdoors where it can absorb a lot of sunlight; however, leaving it under harsh cold temperatures can be detrimental to the plant.


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