Amnesia Marijuana Seeds

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More About Amnesia (fem)

Forget Your Worries Away

Amnesia is exactly what it sets out to do. This Sativa dominant strain aims to make you forget all of your worries and pain. In an overwhelmingly powerful wave of effects, this hybrid is a great early evening toke that will cause even seasoned users to have memory loss. This highly potent weed is meant for seasoned users and should be taken with certain precautions. Smokers will soon realize that the mental stimulation they get from this weed will delete all their current memories and replace them with happy ones.

Apart from its increasingly potent effects, this weed is aptly named for its ability to take away all of your bad thoughts. Depression, PTSD, and other psychological problems are just memories waiting to be wiped out. Pain is another common condition that Amnesia is keen on eliminating from your system.

This feminized version of the Sativa strain is currently available and is a recommended weed to grow for beginners.

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