Amnesia Lemon x Cake Boom

Amnesia Lemon x Cake Boom Marijuana Seeds is a delicious strain, as you can imagine, from its parent strains. It has a relaxing high, a perfect dessert cannabis strain just before you retire at night. It is evenly-balanced and will give you good yields. Warning, though, you can become couchlock if you’re not careful.

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More About Amnesia Lemon x Cake Boom (Regular)

A Cake That Is Unforgettable

The Amnesia Lemon x Cake Boom is a balanced cannabis strain that is usually served as a dessert. Having a sweet earthy fragrance to vanilla taste, you can surely risk that this strain is best to suggest as an evening smoke with all of its good effects and has medical effects. The effect of this hybrid takes time to feel up to its most effective.

It begins as a warm relaxing high and comes throughout the body, and it possibly causes you to feel couch-lock. Amnesia Lemon x Cake Boom also has a medical value that permits the users to increase its focus to eliminate any symptoms of ADHD. Its THC level can reach up to 23% and is good for recreational users.

Usually, most growers tried to plant it due to its great value. If you already set a great setting, it rewards you for having a bountiful yield. This strain will surely give a heavy musky and sweet smell yield. It takes up to 8 to 10 weeks of the flowering period. Growers usually harvest it during the month of October.


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