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Get High Like You’re Out of this World

The accurate origin of Alien Technology is not exactly interpreted. However, its general agreement is that its traditional variety comes from the Region of Hindu Kush. This strain has psychoactive properties that have more cerebral high with an enormous body relaxation feeling. Its effect can last for up to 6 hours, which is considered as one of the longest-lasting strains in the cannabis world.

Alien Technology has the potential to put one at great ease, and it makes it appeal to most recreational consumers. This strain has a THC level of 23%, and it shows to as usual average by modern standards. Alien Technology has a smell of signature earthy, woody blend with an herbal standard of spicy undertone.

Alien Technology belongs to an easy to grow strain, and it is the best option for beginners or novice. This plant is strong, and it is highly flexible in any pest or moisture-related diseases. Regarding its maintenance, it does not necessitate any skill or further technique. To allow this strain to give its full potential, you need to provide ideal surroundings that allow your plant to develop not only cannabinoids but also a terpene. You may also plant it by hydroponics technique as it uses to directly feed the nutrients needed to the roots to allow it to flourish at a great rate.

Its flowering period can only last for up to 8 to 9 weeks, and the average yield that it gives can range from 350 to 450 grams of buds each square meter. Otherwise, growing it outdoors can produce as much as 450 grams per plant if you plant it in an ample amount of sun exposure. In the Northern Hemisphere, they usually harvest it during the month of September.

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