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More About Alien Technology (fem)

A Rare Sighting of A Powerhouse Strain

Alien Technology is one of the few rarest strains of cannabis in the world. It is a direct descendant to one of the oldest landraces ever known – Afghan Indica. This one-of-a-kind strain retains its parent’s strong aroma of diesel and hash and has the typical Indica body effects. A hit or two would be enough to knock you out of your shoes and slide right into your couch. The long-lasting high from this weed should give you enough time to replenish any lost senses and revitalize your body from getting enough rest.

What truly sets this weed apart is its ability to remove any stress from the body. The pleasant mental buzz keeps you high for a long time, and you end up refreshed and ready to go the next day. This strain is popular amongst the medical community for its painkilling properties.

The rugged environment of the Afghan landscape trained this strain to be versatile. In an outdoor setting, this breed that flourishes even in cold temperatures and still produces enough buds to satisfy any grower.

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