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An Ingenious Cannabis Weapon Against Weariness

Agent Orange is a cannabis strain that is known due to its unique citrus taste with a scented smell. This Sativa hybrid has a balanced combination that provides a boosting and stimulating effect for those who use it. Agent Orange has a THC level for up to 12 to 16%, and it is from the genotype of two strains named Orange Velvet and the Jack the Ripper strain that is bred to mirror the strain that is produced by the TGA Genetics.

Agent Orange, as in most strains, the female plants can produce weeds. The Agent Orange seeds can begin to flower if it is already acquiring a smaller amount of light each day, for example, during the fall season or if you control the light cycle if you plant it indoors.

You cannot say that these feminized seeds are beginner-friendly to grow, but it would be better if the ones who will grow it have experience in growing different cannabis strains. This strain can grow up to a large tree-like structure, except if you aim it into a dense shape that is good in producing great cannabis buds.

This heroic strain gives its best when growing it with a temperature within 68 up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. So when cannabis growers plan to cultivate it outdoors, they need to live it first in fair warm weather before they plant it outdoors. This tall plant can grow up to 56 inches tall, and it adapts well in either indoor or outdoor setups.

If you plant it indoors, expect to have as much as 450 grams of flower every square meter within the flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks. While growing it outdoors, it may give as much as 550 grams of fresh buds per plant. This indigenous cannabis that is a good stress-buster is usually harvested during the month of October.

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