Afghan Marijuana Seeds

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More About Afghan (fem)

The Undying Classic

Every grower on Earth owes it to Afghan for their success in the world of cannabis. This Indica landrace is a classic strain that has birthed so many hybrids all over the world too much success. Without this strain, we would not be enjoying different types of weed today. The cannabis industry would not be standing strong today if not for this specific weed. There is a reason why this iconic and legendary strain remains the top dog up to this day. Its earthy woody smell is such a distinct feature that seasoned users can immediately distinguish it from another strain. The smell alone suggests that this is a high-quality breed of cannabis.

This pure Indica promises a full-body high that will make you relaxed and sedated for hours. The mind-numbing high is one of the best in the industry, and with its 17% THC volume, the body buzz it creates will certainly leave you breathless. This is certainly enjoyed at night where you want to leave everything and simply get high.

In growing this weed, growers will need to mimic the Afghan landscape or climate to fully induce good amounts of yield. It can produce yields of up to 600 grams per plant when these categories are met.

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