Afghan Kush x Super Skunk Marijuana Seeds

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More About Afghan Kush x Super Skunk (fem)

A Match Made In Heaven

The combination of Afghan Kush and Super Skunk is inevitable. The fact that these two high-quality strains remain nearly pure in terms of effects and genetics is a feat in itself. Super Skunk’s distinct smell and Afghan Kush’s signature high are bound to melt your mind and body. It is already a given that these two are going to be crossbred with each other to give recreational users the best hybrid they can get their hands on.

Positive thoughts will fill your mind when you begin toking this weed. Seconds later, a change of mood is apparent, and you become more open and relaxed. The muscles in the body loosen up, and you can feel your shoulders feel lighter. As the session goes on, you will feel an intense feeling of hunger that you want to satisfy; hence food should already be prepared at this stage. Sleep is bound to happen as soon as you are done, satisfying your craving for food.

This recreational weed can thank its lineage for its strong structure; thus, growing this strain outside is a good option. The harsh outdoor climate will bring out the best of this plant and can even serve growers with almost 1,000 grams of yield per plant.

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