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Cannabis goes by a lot of names and marijuana slang that evolved. Because of that, timeworn users are finding it difficult to get the hang of its multiple terms. According to ancient history, the first and known term for Marijuana is “common hemp Cannabis sativa” during 1548. By definition, it means “parts of the plant that can be smoked, chewed, or drunk due to their intoxicating hallucinogenic properties.” The meaning of the word only emerged during 1848. The confusion it gave to people back then, became their sole purpose in finding its origin. It turns out that 1548 is not the first year to recognize Marijuana because Herodotus, in 440 BCE, has records of “hemp seed” that the Scythians used. The assumed flowers, when smoked, provided delight and joy.

The “hemp seed” they call has over a thousand terms that people across the globe are using. Still, old souls find contentment that the word “Cannabis” is yet known. Perhaps, the emergence of marijuana slang is due to countries and their countrymen, naming it with things that only they can understand. In 2020, the population added over 450 slang terms to recognize Marijuana by other names. Here are the marijuana slangs people are using to give you the gist of those tags and titles.

Modern Marijuana Slang for Smoking

BlastingBurning one downGetting the windPoking
BlazingChasingGoing LocoSmoking Trees
BlowingCheechingHitting the hayTorching up 
Biting one’s lipsFiring one upMowing the grassToking

Conceivably, one of the reasons why marijuana has several slangs is due to its available methods of consumption. There is a possibility that people are using the terms to remind others how you should take it and what could happen by doing so. These are the most commonly used slang for smoking weeds:

Modern Marijuana Slang for Combinations

To enhance or reach the maximum extent of marijuana’s effect and balanced the side effects of it, users often combine them with other addictive substances. Likewise, there will also be slangs dedicated for each combination. Here are some examples:

Marijuana with Heroin

Atom Bomb or A BombWoola or woolie

Marijuana with Cocaine

BasucoCocktailJim Jones
BushCoco puffLace

Marijuana with Crack

BudaFry daddy
Crack backJuice Joint

Modern Marijuana Slang for the Cannabis plant

Involve with the categories are the slang terms for the cannabis plant itself. Knowing the names is equally important as knowing other types because usually, there are cases where certain people only know one specific title. To avoid struggles in telling people that it is not the only name, here are the slangs you will need to know:

Chronic GanjaNug

Modern Marijuana Slang for Measurements

Consuming weed in any form or method will require precise and accurate measurements to fit you the most. For instance, if you are a mere beginner, you will find your choices in a limited condition because the cannabis community also condemns improper usage. Here is the slang for measurements that you should know.



Eight – 3.5 grams

Elbow – 1 pound

Gram – Official unit for measuring cannabis.

Half – 14 grams or ½ oz.

Half-eight – 1.7 grams

Quap – ¼ pound

Quarter – 7 grams

Sack – Amount of cash you spent on your cannabis plant.

Zip – oz or ounce.

Modern Marijuana Slang for Weed Culture

Weed culture refers to using marijuana in any method. The slang terms used for this category are highly necessary because every country, whose country leader legalized cannabis, has different names in using marijuana. 

710/420Puff Puff PassShatterdayWood
HeadySafety Meeting Solventless SundayWook
HitSession or SeshThrow 5 on it

Modern Marijuana Slang: The Updated Version

For additional knowledge, here are some of the newly-found slang for marijuana in 2020. 


Acapulco GoldAce MarijuanaAfrican WoodbineAirplaneAngola
Acapulco RedAfrican BushAirheadAlice B. ToklasAunt Mary


BaleBlack GunionBlockBobo bushButter Flower


Cam tripCanappaCaviteChurusCripple
Canadian BlackCatnipChicago GreenCrazy WeedCubes


DaggaDingDjambaDobbie MarijuanaDrag weed Marijuana
DewDitchDona JuanitaDoradilla MarijuanaDry high Marijuana


Earth MarijuanaEl DiabloEsra Marijuana
El DiablitoEndo Marijuana


Fatty Marijuana CigaretteFinger Marijuana cigaretteFlower MarijuanaFly Mexican AirlinesFry Daddy Crack
Fine Stuff MarijuanaFir MarijuanaFlower tops MarijuanaFraho MarijuanaFu Marijuana


Gage MarijuanaGangster MarijuanaGasper Marijuana CigaretteGreen Goddess MarijuanaGreta Marijuana
Gange MarijuanaGanja MarijuanaGoldstar MarijuanaGreeter MarijuanaGunney Marijuana


Happy Cigarette MarijuanaHawaiian MarijuanaHerb Marijuana CigaretteHocus opiumHooter cocaine
Has MarijuanaHemp MarijuanaHit crack MarijuanaHoney blunts MarijuanaHot stick marijuana cigarette


Indian boy MarijuanaIndo marijuanaIndo opium
Indian hay marijuanaIndonesian bud marijuana


J Marijuana cigaretteJim Jones marijuanaJoy Smoke marijuanaJuju marijuana cigaretteJuanita Marijuana
Jane marijuanaJive stick marijuanaJoy stick marijuana cigaretteJuan Valdez MarijuanaJuice Joint Marijuana Cigarette


Kali MarijuanaKiller Green Bud MarijuanaKiller MarijuanaKind Marijuana
Kentucky Blue MarijuanaKick Stick Marijuana CigaretteKiller weedKumba Marijuana


L.L MarijuanaLakbay Diva MarijuanaLight Stuff MarijuanaLoaf MarijuanaLove weed marijuana
Laughing grass marijuanaLeaf MarijuanaLima MarijuanaLocoweed marijuanaLubage marijuana


M marijuanaMagic smoke marijuanaMary marijuanaMary Jane marijuanaMary Weaver marijuana
Machinery marijuanaManhattan silver marijuanaMary Ann marijuanaMary Warner marijuana shopMeg marijuana


Pack of rocks marijuana cigarettePanama gold marijuanaPaper blunts marijuanaPocket rocket marijuanaPrescription marijuana cigarette
Pakistani Black MarijuanaPanama red marijuanaPat marijuanaPot marijuanaPuff the dragon to smoke marijuana


Ragweed inferior quality marijuanaRainy day woman marijuanaRasta weed marijuanaRed dirt marijuanaRighteous bush marijuana
Railroad weed marijuanaRangood marijuana grown wildRed cross marijuanaReefer marijuanRoach butt of a marijuana cigarette


Salt and pepper marijuanaScissors marijuanaShake marijuanaSmoke Canada marijuanaStack marijuana
Santa Marta MarijuanaSeeds marijuanaSkunk marijuanaSquare mackerel marijuanaStraw marijuana cigarette


One of the reasons why Marijuana earned multiple slangs – over 1200 number of names- is because it’s illegal. The field of terminology Marijuana came to an ample space because users associate it to names the authorities have no idea of because it is not legal for usage yet. The creativity of cannabis users made it possible for anyone to coin their terms for Marijuana. According to TIME Magazine, five high-school students from California invented a total of 420 marijuana slang in 1970 that urged others to do the same due to the government restricting it for everyone to use. Now, that 420 names will increase over time since scientific studies are exhibiting medical cannabis’ progression that could prompt heightened activity involving Marijuana.

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