5 Fun Things to Do While High

fun things to do while high

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Getting high is probably the best way to enjoy smoking cannabis. While being high is easily one of the best experiences ever, it can get a bit boring, especially if you are just sitting idly as you begin to feel the effects. Sometimes, doing nothing as you wait for the effects to kick in can be very boring. For that reason, you should look for fun things to do while high on weed.

Smoking marijuana has a very different effect on the mind and body, depending on the type of cannabis strain you are using. Most marijuana delivers an uplifting effect that also helps energize your mind and tap into your creativity. Other strains help you cope with stress by relaxing your mind and body, thus allowing for an accurate perception of the things that you are doing. All of these effects help create a different or altered perception of things that you do, making it more fun.

Here’s the list of 5 Fun Things To Do While High

There are a lot of things that you can do while getting high on marijuana. Some of these things might seem exactly like the things you normally do; however, the experience is not quite the same when you are high. These fun activities tend to have a different perspective, especially when the high finally hits you.

1. Watch a comedy movie or TV series

The best thing about watching a comedy is that you get to have fun laughing at silly jokes even when you haven’t even smoked a blunt. While most serious stoners tend to watch a very complex movie and break it down at the end for some great banter, a lot of stoners tend to watch comedy movies. Watching your favorite comedy movie while getting high is an experience, unlike any other. You get to laugh your heart out for hours and make the most out of your time being high on weed.

Users who smoke weed while watching movies tend to tap into their creative side, but it all depends on the kind of weed you smoke. Those that need an extra lift will likely develop an affinity to watching comedy films while those who want to let their creative juices flow lean towards a more serious movie. Others even like the horror movie experience; however, none of these are prone to having a light-hearted moment than watching comedy movies.

2. Strike a conversation with friends

Speaking of discussions after a movie, conversations with friends after the end of each movie while still getting high is one of the best discussions you can ever have. There are certain types of cannabis that enable your intellectual side, thus make your conversations more appealing and in-depth. This can be a very enjoyable and fun experience for those who want to delve deeper into the meaning of the movie.

Nevertheless, a good discussion about anything with your friends is still a gateway for a delightful experience while you are high. Cannabis will help you bounce from one topic to another until you end up on subjects that are way beyond what you have started. Conversations also become therapeutic as users tend to share their experiences and allow the release of tension through words.

3. Listen to music

Another example of fun things to do while high, which is also therapeutic, is listening to music. During your normal mindset, music has a certain way of making you feel better. It helps you cope with stress and satisfy you emotionally through the songs and the lyrics. Music is known to lower stress levels.

However, when paired with marijuana, the experience is exponentially better. Listening to music while high is a different experience. It is a simple but effective use of cannabis that allows you to feel and hear every note and lyrics from the song. The intense introspection from the music that you get can be very soothing to your mind, body, and soul. Getting high only enhances this experience.

4. Play video games

Once the high finally settles in, pop up that old gaming console and play classic games. This will heighten the experience when paired with nostalgia. You will soon notice that you get better with playing the games that you normally don’t when you are high. This is because smoking marijuana and getting high allows for better focus and concentration, thus improving your overall gaming experience.

Apart from that, you also get to enjoy having mindless fun, playing video games with your friends. It does depend on the strain that you choose. Some strains can extend your experience to several hours and even make you feel a lot different than before, while there are other strains that will simply make you enjoy the activity.

5. Read a book

If you are fond of reading books in your past time, make sure to incorporate smoking weed in the process. This elevates your experience when reading your favorite book. The intense imagination allows you to experience the story as though the characters have come to life. The plot twists and turns become more surreal, and the overall pacing of the story is highly enjoyable.

It is important to note that you will need to choose the right strain for you so you can focus on the words and the plot. There are specific strains that allow you to digest the words better while there are other strains that will let you forget them the next day. Choosing the right strain is essential to make this activity fun. This way, you avoid drifting off to sleep, especially if you have chosen a very sedating strain.


There are more fun things to do while high on marijuana. Activities such as going to an art museum, doing yoga, having sex, or hiking are great ways to get the most out of smoking marijuana. It is more intense and more effective when these fun things to do when high. These are just a few example activities that you can do when you are smoking weed. Most of the time, these activities begin to feel different, and you end up acquiring new experiences and perspectives that you would not get when you are sober.

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